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    A wilderness looter with a bunch of nifty features, banks and eats when necessary. Two click start!

    Original thread:

    I'm re-releasing this since so many have asked for it but haven't stress tested it as much as is required. You will be banned if you use a brand new account, train it to like level 10 first.



    • Script automatically sets up
      • Turns off auto-retaliate
      • Hides "Attack" option
      • Hops to desired world
      • Finds it way to the wilderness
      • Dismisses wilderness warning
      • All fields pre-defined with optimal F2P settings
    • Multiple looting modes
      • Smart
      • Mixed (Random-ish)
      • Value
      • Amount
      • Distance
    • Simple and informative paint
      • Loot list, including total profit
      • Profit per hour
      • Small action log to keep you updated
      • At-a-glance Attack Warning, gamescreen flashes when attacked for easy babysitting (see screenshots)
    • Customizable inventory value limit, banks when reached
    • Customizable loot list, full matches only
    • Customizable valuable list, partial and matches
    • Customizable pickup limits for
      • Value
      • Amount
    • Fight players options to fight Pkers when attacked. Eats, attempts to bank if out of food if you specify
    • Wear equipment throws on random equipment it can wear, avoiding valuables, if specified
    • Auto-add valuables to search list
    • Smart banking
      • Banks when inventory value limit reached or valuable looted
        • Searches for more valuables in pile then banks if none
      • Banks after a close call
        • Withdraws food while banking, may rest if necessary
    • Smart safing
      • Runs when attacked
      • Crosses ditch, when necessary
      • Moves away from attacker, when necessary
      • Avoids poachers, builds a "shit list" but needs improvement
      • Rests when necessary
      • Pauses break handler until safe to prevent attempting to take a break while in combat, failing to log out but still sleeping and signing your bot's life away.
    • Force-bank, click the bank button on screen spacer.png
    • Equip random items, wears what it can randomly to not stick out
    • Pulse-running, knows when to run and when to walk
      • Prioritizes valuables and runs to make sure you get the loot
    • Eats food when HP is low and being attacked, may rest when safe
    • Supports world-hopping when struggling to loot
    • Supports death walking with alternative routes, avoids ban doors
      • Rests on death
      • Pauses break handler and logouts sometimes on death
    • Auto-saves preferences on script start
    • Loot log, shows on script finish
    • Anti-ban, does various human-like things and has randomized actions to create variances between script users.
    • Probably more that I've forgotten to write down


    Account 1 - Roughly 5 hours on a Friday, no breaks


    Account 2 - Roughly 7 hours, no breaks


    Looting Results, 9 and a half hours on a Monday straight from Tutorial Island


    Known bugs

    • Sometimes double-clicks or loots while already looting
    • You will probably be banned
    • Sometime doesn't choose the closest item if all the reachable ground items are of the same value/amount



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    Just tried this out. Man, I am so impressed. This script is ADVANCED. The GUI, the calculations and decisions- everything is top notch. Was a bit tough on a lv3 with skeletons so I'll follow the recommendation and be back later

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    1 hour ago, corn674 said:

    trying out now everytime i run this get to the WARNING with the boxs enter or dont go and it hits dont go everytime


    Cheers, I'll fix it soon

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    On 9/6/2021 at 11:51 PM, brave said:


    Completes Tutorial Island in 6 minutes. You'll be given a random true human-like name, gender, and outfit. The bot will disable roofs, game audio, and aid immediately after the tutorial island. It will also enable the ESC interface closing & shift key dropping. The script will display important details such as the IP address, country, and whether the IP address is a proxy, datacenter, or mobile IP address. Script supports quickstart which means you will be able to set your own parameters. For faster speeds you should be using quick start (see below). If there are any issues feel free to message me on the forums. It is highly recommended to use a residential type IP address when completing tutorial island.

    TL;DR features:

    • Random true human-like name
    • Random outfit
    • Random gender
    • Disables roofs, game audio and aid
    • Enable ESC interface closing & shift key dropping
    • Sets brightness to 100%
    • Proxy detection
    • Quickstart with a plethora of options





    Quickstart information:

    (Quickstart is optional and only includes additional features. Quickstart parameters are case sensitive. You can specify the parameters in any order. Use just the parameters that you desire.The rest may be ignored.)

    dropItems=true (All items will be dropped when arriving in Lumbridge)

    runToLocation=grandExchange (When a location is given, the script will run to the final destination and log out. Supported list can be found down below)

    useDbGeneratedNames=true (DreamBot produced RuneScape names will be prioritized over real-time human scraped ones)

    forceFixedMode=true (Fixed mode will be forced when arriving in Lumbridge)

    useMouseContinue=true (Mouse will be prioritized over keyboard when in a dialogue)

    disableProxyDetection=true (Proxy detection will be disabled)

    shouldIdle=180 (Will idle at final area for 180 minutes and log out)

    disableProxyWarning=false (Will warn if your IP is flagged as datacenter/hosting/proxy. By default it's set to false)

    shouldDebug=true (Will display further information. Only use if you're having issues)

    setCamera=true (Will zoom out and set camera to an efficient angle. This is recommended for faster completion times)


    Location list:



    Full quickstart example (Windows):

    java -Xmx384m -jar "%USERPROFILE%\DreamBot\BotData\client.jar" -covert -fresh -fps 50 -script braveTutorial -accountUsername username -accountPassword password -params dropItems=false runToLocation=lumbridgeChurch useDbGeneatedName=false hidePaint=false useNoRendering=false forceFixedMode=false useMouseContinue=false disableProxyDetection=false shouldIdle=5 disableProxyWarning=true shouldDebug=false setCamera=false

    If you're on OSX or Linux, please see this.


    If you have any suggestions for me to add, please leave a comment below or send me a private message on DreamBot.

    Changelog is at the bottom.

    New Release: braveTutorial 1.5 - 4/24/2022

    • There were two script parameters that were eliminated, useNoRendering & hidePaint. Instead, use the built-in ones from the client.
    • Various issues have been fixed, most of which were caused by slow proxies.

    New Release: braveTutorial 1.4 - 12/4/2021

    • The brightness will now be adjusted to 100% on completion, as it is with many other quality of life settings.
    • You may now use your desired client layout to complete the tutorial island.
    • The interaction part has been speed up.
    • Added more randomization.

    New Release: braveTutorial 1.3.2 - 10/20/2021

    • Updated widgets as they were changed with today's update.

    New Release: braveTutorial 1.3.1 - 10/7/2021

    • Added support for new dialogues added to Tutorial Island

    New Release: braveTutorial 1.3 - 10/4/2021

    • The way tabs are handled has been changed. There's a lot more randomness now. To prevent making queries to the OSRS hiscores, it will cache the remainder of the names (25 at a time).

    New Release: braveTutorial 1.2 - 9/10/2021

    • Added quickstart with a plethora of options. Support for dropping items after completion, walking to a final destination (such as GE, Falador, Rimmington, etc.), prioritizing DreamBot produced RuneScape names over real-time human scraped ones, and hiding paint.

    New Release: braveTutorial 1.1 - 9/8/2021

    • The script will scrape the OSRS hiscores in real-time and make up a human-like name.

    Initial Release: braveTutorial 1.0 - 9/6/2021

    • Initial Release


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