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  • nex idk whats going on but forced to do this


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    Scammer's profile link: https://dreambot.org/forums/index.php?/profile/55134-nex/


    Amount scammed: $400 for auto spammer + $200 for auto muler/bonder fully automated system

    So i bought a fully automated spammer from nex about 2 months ago, 

    He promised 1 day delivery, it ended up being 2 weeks delivery. Sure no problem, i was patient, It was delivered HALF finished sure no problem

    It was then apparant that the script wasnt done properly, it was slow and completely buggy not working as intended 

    All whilst being half finished

    Sure no problem, so i tell him fix it.

    He makes me wait weeks, its still not finished, tells me he will fix it, i wait more and more and more 

    Still not fixed, and the first half of script is not even fixed, let alone the auto muling/bonding part of the spammer is not 
    even delivered.

    I've literarily wasted 100s of hours chasing this guy whilst having a broken half completed script.

    I didnt even want to report it because ive wasted enough time, i asked him for a full refund and he refused/ignored me

    I even had bought his VPS for 2 months running in waiting for this script, ive lost $260 to his VPS which i only bought for this script
    but i used it to the best i could for other things since it was clear he wasnt delivering this script, so im not wanting a refund
    on that but its relevant to mention too

    All whilst being active on this forums. Ive known nex for a while but after this experience i want nothing to do with him or his business, 
    probably my worst experience ive ever experienced in 6 + years of buying scripts.

    A 1 day priority paid script that was promised to be completed within 1 day to 2 months not even finished, and the work that he has 
    given is broken and doesnt work as intended. Its unreal the amount of time ive wasted and not sure why I let it run for 2 months

    Can i get paid back here BTC address : bc1qdvpdy3er5p3l5q7dt6v24x5pcg37chupryhn5c


    Trade proof: (can these be redacted from public if possible please, thank you very much)

    Redacted for staff only.

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    Discord got banned so please add: Nex#3542  (customer, so we can sort this out)

    Pretty much the $400 script is done and delivered, the client wanted auto bonding added later for $200, wich i agreed on but i said i was very busy irl/other projects.
    So i agreed with a refund of 200, since there is nothing wrong with the initial delivered script. 
    If he can add me we can sort the refund or make a deadline for the mule part. im fine with either. 

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    well i paid 2 months ago, and no it is not "done"  the $400 script is not "pretty much done" as you say. It is literarily not done, i told you the issues with it 2 months ago the same day you gave me the script. It is not fixed, It is not what I paid for 


    Im no longer wasting my time man. Ive wasted hundreds HUNDREDS of hours chasing up for my script i couldve paid somebody to LEARN JAVA and make the script in the hours ive wasted messaging you.


    And I was originally promised 1 day delivery but im just a nice person and gave him benefit of the doubt, every week he would tell me next week, next week, next week, next week, holiday in paris oh next week! , next week next week


    i dont care anymore i want my full refund.


    I dont want you to fix anything, but refund me in full and i made this report because im not wasting another 100 hours to get a reply from you. 


    I literarily only bought your VPS for this script, 2 months ago. And wasted money on that but i knew you were just scamming me with the script so i used the vps to the best i could for the last 2 months. My time is valuable to me and im genuinely upset at how this has been handled, ive wasted hundreds of hours trying to get a message from you/chasing you up. 

    Like do i have nothing better to do than chase you up for 100+ Hours for a script i paid for 2 months ago? no thank you


    Can i get paid back here BTC address : bc1qdvpdy3er5p3l5q7dt6v24x5pcg37chupryhn5c

    Edited by igotscamed23
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    No it doesnt work as intended, I told you the issues with it and you did not fix it. You ignored me for months and didnt even respond, let alone even start that second part. I want a full refund you can add my own discord, you know my discord. I'm not wasting more time messaging you, 


    I want a full refund, you delivered me a half broken script and i sent pics proof of me showing u the issues with it which u said u would fix and its 3 months in without a fixed script, or anything, and the second part wasnt even started or anything. I'm done working with you and want a full refund.


    You did not deliver as intended not only not on time, but 3 months in and its not even completed so I'm good you can go scam others with these trading practices.

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    Alright it's time to start taking this dispute a little more serious now considering OP and scripter are claiming different things and it's been going for a while now.

    @Nex, @igotscamed23

    I've taken a more careful look at the screenshots of your conversations (redacted for regular users) and came to following conclusions:

    1/ @igotscamed23 has been sending Nex messages about the initial script not working as intended for over two months. This however was ignored by Nex (change of Discord can not be an excuse here, as far as I can see in the screenshots you did not communicate your new one to him).

    2/ @Nex claims the script was finished and delivered, however after this point OP has sent messages to get bug fixed which were ignored.

    3/ Claiming you have "other people lined up to buy this script" is putting pressure on your customer not to start up this dispute. 

    4/ OP's been renting a server from Nex to run scripts on that are presumably delivered in a broken state or have not been receiving the required bugfixes.

    Conclusion: OP was given a script and reported issues with it, got ignored and ghosted for 2 months on end.
    @Nex You're to refund him the full amount for both the initial script and/or any additional plug-in he may have paid for that associate with the initial script.
    You have 72 hours to do this. His BTC address is bc1qdvpdy3er5p3l5q7dt6v24x5pcg37chupryhn5c

    Proof of refund can and should be posted by either party to make sure the case is settled. 


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