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    I started botting about a week ago just because I started playing again and wanted to build some skills on my main. I don't have a farm or multiple accounts, just using for fun. The two scripts I used were the Sub Account Builder and AIO Skiller. It was only a two day ban so it's not a big deal, but I just wanted to put this out here to let people know. Also, does anyone have any tips other than don't run it for too long and run it at normal hours? I'm just nervous to go back to doing it I'd like to not get my main permabanned. 

    ban 1.png

    ban 2.png

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    The two day temporary ban is the normal botting ban, not the 3rd party client bans which are 2 weeks for the first offence. Botting is against the rules so it is still bannable :(

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    I see, thanks for the quick response. Do you know how long the ban would be if this were to happen again? Is it worth it to keep botting on my main if I could potentially be banned again? I understand I can't do this all the time and every day but just using sparingly for the times I don't wanna grind lol. 

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    oh yea my bad, thats the date the offence gets deleted from the account record

    I would say stop botting on ur main :P If u get banned on ur main its gonna take a lot longer to get back to where you were vs. the time its gonna take for u to further grind the stats ur interested in botting

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    I've noticed that I can get 1 (2-day) ban per year [at least the last 2 years...] (the bans usually "Expire" after 1 year) This is my theory from 1 of my accounts. Banned for 2 day in early 2021, banned for 2 days again in mid 2022 (more than 12 months after 1st one, where 1st one has "Expired" already)

    So my theory is perma happens if caught a 2nd time before 1st expires. [This is ONLY a THEORY, 1 case does not prove anything] (Was also bonded for both offences and a majority of the time in between)

    If anyone has any longer history to either support or disprove this I'm curious to know. I'll have to wait until next year to test it out again lol

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