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    Hello again

    I want to use the sellItem method for GE but I have a problem getting the total amount of the item in the inventory because there is unnoted and noted which has different ID's and stackable which requires .count() instead of amount() that make it hard to manually code. I was wondering if there is a built in way to sell all of the item in the GE.

    2nd Question:
    I keep getting this error when the client miss click when buying/selling "1:55:12 AM: [ERROR] Wrong item selected, attempting to click back" is there a way to make it retry or increase its accuracy because its missing lot.

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    About count:
    If I do Inventory.count(unnoted id); it returns the total number of unnoted items and if I do  Inventory.count(noted id); it returns the total number of noted items even though I have both unnoted and noted in my inventory so it doesn't combine them.
    about missing error:
    it happens I believe because of the way clicking is made. I believe the way it works is that it clicks in a random place every time however the radius of the location also includes outside the box so when it miss clicks the error "Wrong item selected, attempting to click back". I've seen it happen during selecting an item from the buy menu and when clicking the ... button to choose the quantity.

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    Use Strings for the items rather than an ID, the name of an item changes less often. Also if using a String it will add both noted and unnoted to the count.

    For the clicking part, you can always just use Widgets to ensure you're clicking exactly what you want.

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    Thanks using the name of the item instead works. 

    I was thinking about using the widgets instead of the built in method but it would've been more hassle if there is no other choice I guess that is what I will have to do.

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