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    1. I am working on creating the buy and sell methods right now and adding another layer of random to sleep timers. thanks for the pointers like typing the whole name and reusing last searched item. One thing I really disliked about the sellitem default method was it types the amount instead of just clicking All button.
    2. Thanks using the name of the item instead works. I was thinking about using the widgets instead of the built in method but it would've been more hassle if there is no other choice I guess that is what I will have to do.
    3. Thanks for your reply, I already use a random sleeps in my code pretty much after every action (canceling offer, clicking back, buying item, etc) and it loops a random time of around 1 minute each time so its really not working nonstop and I do use the Mouse.moveMouseOutsideScreen(); code after every loop (once every a minute or two of doing stuff and afk for around a minute). My script sometimes doesn't do anything for many loops if there is nothing to undercut and all slots are filled so its not repetitive. I am not sure what other activities to make him do since he is supposed to be a flipping account nothing else. I also made the script wait a random amount of time if it logs out due to afking before relogging since relogging instantly is suspicious.
    4. So I've been working on my first script and creating a flipper bot. I've got the bot to finally work fine but the problem is I keep getting banned within 3~5 days of botting. I've reading around on tips on how to decrease the chances of getting banned and currently applied most of them except a few which I will mention why. Things I applied: 1- Multiple realistic breaks (Short, medium, long). Max botting 7 hours a day including breaks 2- Using residential IP so its not flagged 3- Creating realistic names instead of random 4- Doing tutorial island myself and not playing in it for a few days Things I didn't apply: 1- Using a proxy because I am using 2 accounts at a time at most and not RWT. 2- Buying member code instead of giving bonds (I found this recently thinking about using it) 3- Bot different things every day because I believe that having a fresh flipping account is normal while you do other stuff in your main account. Details about the 2 accounts that got banned: First account: Fresh account and flipped with it without botting for a week or so. it was the account that I used while creating and testing my script banned in around 4 days. I thought it was because I was doing unusual things when testing my script and the breaks I used were unrealistic. Second account: Fresh account and flipped with it for 3 days and got banned with realistic breaks and a working script. Reasons I think might be the reason for the bans: 1- I gave my botting account gold (around 10m) + bond which is unusual for a new account to get. 2- I used bonds instead of membership codes 3- There isn't long pauses between buying/selling each item 4- The buyItem / sellItem doesn't have much antiban mechanics I understand that the first reason is the biggest offender but I can't think of another way to give my alt money + on my first account I did the same thing with more money and he didn't get banned without botting so it can't be the sole reason. I would appreciate any tips/insight in this issue.
    5. About count: If I do Inventory.count(unnoted id); it returns the total number of unnoted items and if I do Inventory.count(noted id); it returns the total number of noted items even though I have both unnoted and noted in my inventory so it doesn't combine them. about missing error: it happens I believe because of the way clicking is made. I believe the way it works is that it clicks in a random place every time however the radius of the location also includes outside the box so when it miss clicks the error "Wrong item selected, attempting to click back". I've seen it happen during selecting an item from the buy menu and when clicking the ... button to choose the quantity.
    6. Hello again I want to use the sellItem method for GE but I have a problem getting the total amount of the item in the inventory because there is unnoted and noted which has different ID's and stackable which requires .count() instead of amount() that make it hard to manually code. I was wondering if there is a built in way to sell all of the item in the GE. 2nd Question: I keep getting this error when the client miss click when buying/selling "1:55:12 AM: [ERROR] Wrong item selected, attempting to click back" is there a way to make it retry or increase its accuracy because its missing lot.
    7. Is it possible to get the item name or buy limit from its ID? for example ID=2 will return Cannonball and 11000. Thanks
    8. Is there a way to know how much profit you got from running script? Is there like a built in one or does it need be manually made? Thanks
    9. I want when my script starts to check each slot indiviually and see their names, how much the offer is for, and if it is a sell or buy offer. I tried to open the slot using GrandExchange.openSlotInterface(1); sleep(1000); MethodProvider.log(GrandExchange.getCurrentChosenItemID()); but its returning -1 it only works when I am creating an offer not when an offer is already placed. I would appreciate any help in this. Edit: I found the solution GrandExchangeItem[] ge = GrandExchange.getItems(); for (int i = 0; i<ge.length;i++){ MethodProvider.log(ge[i].getName()); } Will go through each slot and get their names.
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