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  • Lootolotl - P2P + F2P Wilderness and G.E Looter


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    Lootolotl P2P + F2P Wilderness and G.E Looter - 50k+/hr

    "Don't loot a little... Lootolotl!"

    Built in Features:

    - Auto eat food in inventory if health is less than 40-60%.

    - Eat food while looting! Won't run away if it's looting player death loot + has food in inventory

    - Auto run if attacked: If Inventory value is high enough it will bank, otherwise it will idle for random time on other side of ditch.

    - Grave collection: Will prioritize collecting Grave loot if possible.

    - Safe clicking: Ensures player has Right Click Always selected for both Player and NPC.

    - Anti-ban Camera: Zoom / Rotation.

    - Anti-ban Mouse: Miss Click / Offscreen (not while looting) + Mouse Speed.

    GUI Features:

    - 2 Looting options:

         - Closest: Item value doesn't matter, it will prioritize the closest item.

         - Expensive: Prioritizes the most expensive item within looting distance.

    - Ignore Bones: Bones take up valuable inventory space but yet are worth more than arrows.

    - Prioritize player deaths: Adds player deaths to a list and goes to loot their loot before it spawns.

    - G.E Looting: Bot can loot either at the wild (default) or G.E if toggled. Multiple different locations available at G.E.

    - Bring food: You select which and how much of it, will bank and get more when out.

    - Run to tile: With stacks of more than 1 item, it is best to walk to the tile before looting (incase someone loots the item you click).

    - Max distance from death loot: This way the player doesn't go too far from where the death loot will spawn.

    Idle type: When prioritizing player death loot, should the bot continue to loot or wait in safe zone / on death tile.

    - Intelligent running: Will only use 10-25 run energy while not in the wild, therefore saving it to out compete other players.

    - Minimum loot value: Will only loot items of value greater than this.

    - Force bank when inventory value is greater than X.

    - Force bank when ATTACKED and inventory is greater than X.

    - Maximum loot distance.

    - Maximum wilderness level: Prevents being lured / attacked by strong NPC's.

    - Loot world: Will hop to this world if not already on it.

    - All GUI start values are randomized (within reason) to allow for unique gameplay, while still maximizing profit.

    - All GUI features have very descriptive tooltips to help explain anything unclear / why its on/off by default.





    Bug reports / Suggestions:

    - If you have any bugs / suggestions, please post it here. If it is a bug report, please upload a photo/text of console AND give a detailed explanation as to whats going on.


    - Allow for manually adding of priority items in GUI (while still using closest if none of them are available)

    - Bring weapon, and possibly fight people back / harass other bots



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    1 hour ago, jordan486 said:

    hey  man I put this script to the test and man you made a heck of script it gets 30-50khr and can run 9plus hrs for multi days now and its still going

    Thank you very much for your kind words :) I'm happy to hear you're enjoying it :)

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