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    I want to write basically a client manager, sending and receiving instructions to and from many client instances.. but I'm not sure if there's anything out of box that would do this? I know I can write an AIO script that would be able to do this- but I want to leverage many different scripts that do not support scheduling or queueing the way I might want to 

    As of now I'm leaning towards periodically screenshotting each open client to check on the status, and if I want to change which task/script is running I'll probably just close out of the client all together and start up a new one with a quick start command. This seems pretty hacky but I'm not sure what else I can do unless I have access to all the scripts I use and implement custom logic within the scripts- is there any sort of hooking/plugins supported that I've missed in my search? 

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    DreamBot does have a built in Script manager but imo killing and reopening with quickstart is the play. 

    I asked @Pandemic for some better external client controls awhile back idk where that is in the priority pipeline but hopefully those additions will make writing external management applications for DreamBot less hacky / jank feeling. 

    Also no plugins supported.  That was removed in DreamBot 3 because they were hardly used in DreamBot 2 (mostly because who the hell plays in fixed screen mode)


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    18 hours ago, yeeter01 said:

    imo killing and reopening with quickstart is the play. 

    yeah this is what I'm going to wind up doing, won't use the break system at all and instead manage breaks by killing the client all together and reopening it later. Really wish there working on linux and windows wasn't so different for application window management but i'm slowly getting there with my node scripts. I'm doing some extremely hacky stuff haha like here's an example typescript file of how I'm getting the current menu message - https://pastebin.com/t8kFpqJU I think I'll have to keep doing stuff like this. I looked into writing node.js bindings for the dreambot's jar but I'm not sure if it's even possible without the original java source code. 

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