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  • [Nex] Birdhouses [Advanced Anti-Ban] [Only 9.99] [Smart & Custom Pathing] [Restocking & Selling loot at GE]


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    > Smart pathing on the island.
    > Restocking at the Grand Exchange.
       - Will buy new Seeds, Logs, Teleports & Bonds. 
       - Bases the prices off current Grand Exchange rates.
    > Sells off the loot at the Grand Exchange
    > Supports all cheap seeds.
    > Supports all type of houses.

    Quest_point_icon.png   Bone Voyage.
    Crafting_icon.png  5 Crafting.
    Hunter_icon.png   5 Hunter.
    Construction_icon.png  25 Construction. (Iron-man)

    > Have the following items in your invetory:
       - Clockwork.png Clockwork (4x)
       - Hammer.png Hammer (1x)
       -  Chisel.png Chisel (1x) 
       - Digsite_teleport.png Digsite Teleport (1+)
       - Varrock_teleport_%28tablet%29.png Varrock Teleport (1+)
       - Coins_10000.png Coins (250k+)
    > Make sure the Fossil Island bank chest is repaired. 
    > Make sure the Muschroom teleports are unlocked (just the 2 basic ones) 

    Coming soon..

    KVx0zBK.png This script will be for sale at 9.99 with a monthly fee of 7.99.

    Edited by Nex
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    • 2 weeks later...
    20 hours ago, gigiwest123 said:

    Great to see a birdhouse script here finally.

    Will you be adding support for digsite pendants + enchanting them?

    I mean its not needed since it restocks like once a week, but cud do if u really want it i guess

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    Makes moving around fossil island much faster with the house on the hill teleport useful if the account does other things while the timer waits (herb runs for example)

    Edited by gigiwest123
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    • 2 weeks later...
    11 hours ago, ts199 said:

    Is there a way to get the script to work without the digsite teleports? Hard to come by as an ironman

    Uh currently not, any suggestions?

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    • 2 weeks later...

    My man Ive bought your script with muling one can you please tell me why does it log out from ge wen i start the script ? can you please help me ?

    add me on discord i cant find urs KOK3#2988

    idk why but try to help mee

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