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    I figured it would be smart if my scripts kept track on how far into the quest they have gotten. I am currently stuck in a situation, where I dont know how to check the current state of the quest (Lets take the Quest Romeo and Juliet as an example). 
    For the development of the script I use flags (booleans) to check if certain requirements have been fulfilled (like starting the quest at Romeo in center Varrock). For this I used: 

    if(Quests.isStarted(FreeQuest.ROMEO_AND_JULIET)){flags goes true/false}

    Next in the quest I am supposed to have a chat with Juliet, and this is where things goes south. There is a lot of cut scenes (where screen is black or NPC is walking). 
    I want to continue the dialogue with Juliet until a state in the quest log have been fulfilled (which means I can continue with the quest)... 
    How do check if a certain thing in the QuestLog have been fulfilled? 

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    Just a wild guess, but maybe you could click to view the quest scroll, then use widgets to get a list item and check against text colour?

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    Enable developer mode on your client, open up Game Explorer, and go to Playersettings option. This is what you need to keep track of. For example you'll notice that when you advance in a quest -- you'll see it in the Playersettings tab. It's a bit annoying to learn it as it has a bit of a learning curve, but that's the best way. Then you can just do states or nodes, whatever you prefer.

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    Romeo & Juliet is one of the older quests so its unlikely you will have nice PlayerSettings to work with, like @una_maquina said id grab all the player settings for the quest then go from there. you will have to build some logic around handling the cutscenes but from what i remember when your in a cutscene a PlayerSetting is updated so you can use that

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