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    1. Dont sorry about it. It's cool that you responded and fixed so fast Thanks!
    2. Hello. I am using the built in break /logout settings from the client. Since today, when my bots have taken their regular break and logouts, the mouse icon (the cross) have been hovering all around the client and actually clicked on things that it was not supposed to do, while the break was enabled. two scenarios: When the bot is on a regular break (still online, just standing AFK) the mouse hovers all around the client. I have experienced it clicking on the "All" section in the in-game chat and on the "Report" buttom. The other scenario is when the bot has logged out, then the mouse hovers all around the client again (mostly on the edges). I have absolutly no idea what is going on, as this is something that started today after client update. I asked in the Babble chat, and some other Dreambot users confirmed the same activity on their client. Further info: I am using my own written scripts (I have been using them for weeks without changes) so the mouse hovering thing does not come from my coding (I am the only user of my scripts) which makes it even more interesting how other users experience the same bug.
    3. Additional information: I can see in the console that the method is not called upon multiple times (even when the multiple clicks occur).
    4. Yeah I know, I just posted the running version of it
    5. Hey. I am sleeping in between calls, so this is not the case. I walk to an area in the bank (4 tiles) however, the exact tile is choosen randomly by the Walking.walk(getRandomTile) My starting tile is always random, as it could be after fishing, mining, WC, questing etc. I must add: I always use the same method to get there, but this "spam clicking" is NOT something that occur every time I get on 1. floor of Lumbridge. Snippet of code used: (The sleep() is +2000 ms). Area bankArea = new Area(new Tile(3208,3218,2), new Tile(3210,3220,2)); if (!BankArea.contains(getLocalPlayer()) && Walking.isRunEnabled()) { Walking.walk(BankArea.getRandomTile()); sleep(xx); }
    6. Hello. I wrote a question in the Babble chat, and it got attention very quickly, so I decided to make a topic about it. "I have noticed that the Walking.walk() method is extreamly bad when it comes to the stairs from lumbridge to the lumbridge bank. The minimap is spammed (for walk) when it is on the 1. floor. I made a "log("");" to see if it was my script doing something unexpected, but that is not the case. Any one have experienced the same? Otherwise I have not experienced any issues with the Walking.walk() before." Another user @Deep Slayer mentioned the tree at Draynor mansion as well, which I have also experienced making my bots stuck. Do we have any solutions to this, or do we know the issue? I could make my bots favor another bank (like Draynor), but I dont think the best solution is to avoid the issue.
    7. Thanks alot. I am look into it right now.
    8. There must be a smarter way, but thanks
    9. Hello. I figured it would be smart if my scripts kept track on how far into the quest they have gotten. I am currently stuck in a situation, where I dont know how to check the current state of the quest (Lets take the Quest Romeo and Juliet as an example). For the development of the script I use flags (booleans) to check if certain requirements have been fulfilled (like starting the quest at Romeo in center Varrock). For this I used: if(Quests.isStarted(FreeQuest.ROMEO_AND_JULIET)){flags goes true/false} Next in the quest I am supposed to have a chat with Juliet, and this is where things goes south. There is a lot of cut scenes (where screen is black or NPC is walking). I want to continue the dialogue with Juliet until a state in the quest log have been fulfilled (which means I can continue with the quest)... How do check if a certain thing in the QuestLog have been fulfilled?
    10. Thanks for reply. I have now changed everything from "while" to "if" statements and implemented flags. However, the issue still maintain. The Wrappers "GameObject" still returns values greater than 0, eventho there is nothing on the ground.
    11. Thanks for your reply. Unfortunately it is not working. Logical: When the inventory is full I want to burn the entire inventory before I go back to woodcutting (which could be done with a While loop). This does not work with the "if" statement, because as soon 1 log have been burned, the other statement (inventory.isfull) will be false, and bot returns to woodcut. Any idea to make the bot loop 27 times (27 logs to be burned) without using a while loop?
    12. Hello there. I am creating a woodcutting / firemaking bot, but I am having some trouble when the bot is checking the current tile it is standing on. The setup is simple: If the value is 0 (that means that the ground is empty, and that the bot can light a bonfire) of its current tile then it creates a bonfire. However, I gave the bot some time (3.5 to 3.854 seconds) to move away from where it is currently creating a bonfire to the new tile before it checks the ground again. The issue is that I (my self) can visible see that the ground is empty (value 0) but the script returns the value 1, which is NOT correct... Any idea how to fix this issue? while (Inventory.contains("Oak logs", "Logs")) { List<GameObject> gameObjectsOnMyTile = GameObjects.all(object -> object instanceof SceneObject && object.getTile().equals(Client.getLocalPlayer().getTile())); log(Inventory.contains("Oak logs")); // Delete later log(gameObjectsOnMyTile.size()); // Delete later if (Inventory.contains("Oak logs") && gameObjectsOnMyTile.size() > 0) { log("Considering moving..."); sleep(randomNum(3500, 3854)); log(gameObjectsOnMyTile.size()); // Delete later if(Inventory.contains("Oak logs") && gameObjectsOnMyTile.size() >0) { log("TILE OCCUPIED, MOVING TO areaForExtraFire"); Walking.walk(areaForExtraFire.getRandomTile()); sleep(randomNum(1900, 2406)); }
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