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  • Are you not able to open the client? Make sure you have Java installed
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  • Help! My bot doesn't do anything! Enable fresh start in client settings and restart the client
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    1. A quick suggestion: Since the script buys scimitars, check if the bot wants to train attack, strength, and defense, and if they are all true, set the style to lunge (which trains all)
    2. Your GPU isn't the problem, osrs doesn't use your GPU at all, odds are you need a more powerful CPU, a recommendation is improve your RAM as well, but that depends on how much RAM you're giving the bots. Also you say you have VIP but your account doesn't have VIP? Are you saying you have a second account (which is against forum rules)?
    3. Unfortunately as I don't know any quick and clean ways of getting an items value I cannot do those, I will try and figure out an easy way to incorporate ignoring items, but I will be adding a loot radius option in 1.23 as well as a couple of sanity checks to prevent errors. Awaiting SDN approval
    4. There is no safe way to transfer the wealth into your main. Every time you move wealth into your main you're risking a ban. That's a big reason mules exist, bots get banned, and mules get banned at a lower rate, so every time you interact with your main it's risking your main. The golden rule of botting is "Don't bot on any account you don't want to lose" for a reason. As for your question about different IPs, I don't know that question with 100% confidence, but it might help. TLDR: No, and maybe.
    5. Yes, your main can and probably will be banned. The best way to keep your main safe is to keep it completely isolated. But as you have already had it interact (even indirectly), it is likely a ban may happen regardless. The best approach is to avoid any gp from making it into your main.
    6. Yeah seemed to be a cache problem, it was fixed when I decided to test it again today it worked. Trying to work on the logic to fix other issues I'm having, I'll keep your suggestions in mind
    7. There seems to be no code related to mouse movement except Client.getInstance().setMouseMovementAlgorithm(new EaseMouse()); After that the flow of code I have goes through steps that haven't caused issues in the past, but I've tried it commented and uncommented. One thing to mention though is that my main class also implements MouseListener for other purposes as well as extending TaskScript, but that didn't seem to cause any issues on my previous script. The last part of the code flow is NPC target = NPCs.closest(npc -> npc != null && !npc.isInCombat() && npc.ge
    8. So a problem I've been having with the script I'm building is that it doesn't seem to want to move the mouse at all. I've verified that the code flow is correct and does try to interact with the NPC, but the mouse does not move at all, I do have the easeMouse class in my project but I've tried it with and without it implemented. Not sure what other issue may be causing this
    9. It was a very rough idea as I was just waking up, thanks for improving it, hopefully that helps OP
    10. I would recommend using a filter. For example: GameObjects.closest(object -> object.getName.equals("Fire") && fire != null && fire.distance > 10); Simplifies your code significantly
    11. Are you using a github repo? That's probably part of it. Dreambot has it's own git that you need to upload to. Follow the guide cloakd linked and that will help you
    12. Make sure your repo name matches the name you used in your git request, for example: Say my git repo name is "supercoolgitrepo99", you would then have to put in "supercoolgitrepo99" exactly. If you're sure that you're doing it exactly, it may be an issue with the script request limits versus git repo limitations, in that case you'll have to talk to Pandemic about it. Also keep in mind that the script module is the same thing. Make sure your script is in one folder, and make sure that has no spaces or special characters
    13. In the scripts section, click on the requests tab, from there you should be able to see git repo requests and a button next to it saying something about requesting one, for me it says "Request Another Git Repo", yours may be different, after that push your java files to it (You shouldn't add any of the extra stuff from your IDE) and then you can go to uploaded scripts and start your request
    14. There seems to be a Quests class in the docs, not sure about how well it works, but good to note! Well I didn't realize that OP mentioned that. Oops.
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