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    I am having a problem with this script and I am wondering if someone could help me. 

    what is happening is. I am using the if (!getLocalPlayer().isMoving()) to trigger walking back to the trees. until the location contains the local player. What is happening by using this is every time I move to another tree it triggers the (!getLocalPlayer().isMoving()) and moves the player back to the Location I run back to from the bank. 


    I am trying to find a better way to trigger the If statement to start the process of running back to the trees. I am new so if there is any other advice someone could let me know it would be appreciated.



    public int onLoop() {
        GameObject Tree = null;
        if (getInventory().isFull()) {
            if (getInventory().isFull() && Banking.contains(getLocalPlayer()))
            sleep(300, 500);
            getBank().depositAll("Yew logs");
            sleep(300, 500);
        } else
            if (!getLocalPlayer().isMoving()) {
            sleepUntil(() -> Cutting.contains(getLocalPlayer()), 5000);
        } else
            Tree = getGameObjects().closest("Yew");
            if (Tree != null) {
                Tree.interact("Chop down");
                sleep(800, 5000);
                sleepUntil(() -> !getLocalPlayer().isAnimating(), 50000);
        return 300;




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    With all due respect, not aiming to be a jack ass, you should look in to basic java usage and order of operations brother, the logic is scuffed and understandably not working for that exact reason.

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