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  1. It sounds like you're still using DB2 based on you saying it keeps resetting the zoom when you start scripts. Download the latest https://dreambot.org/DBLauncher.jar
  2. Looks like that scripter has been inactive for over 6 months and it's their only script, so at this point I probably wouldn't expect any more updates to that script unfortunately. You're best bet would be a Premium a script like Pandemic's AIO fighter. When you have a premium script there is an incentive for the developer to maintain it.
  3. Delete C:\Users\YOURNAME\DreamBot\BotData\.cache\account.dat But why?
  4. Hi @Integral I need some more information on the issue you're reporting to be able to help: What garden? Herbs or Fruit? Is there a certain elemental in the maze that it's having trouble passing? If you can supply the Console logs when the issue is happening from the Menu at Tools -> Open Console If you can capture a video of the issue that would be super helpful, you can DM me here or Discord at Pixel#1911
  5. Make lots of GP with this low requirement, profitable Crafting method. Supports 3 different modes: Solo, Crafter & Runner Requires at least 1 account with level 26 Crafting and a members account You can play legit and have bot runners run Jute fibre to you. When using Crafter / Runner mode bots do not have to be running on the same computer. They must be in the same world though. The bots work together with each other! Crafter will only accept trades from your defined runners. Supports stop condition when there are no more Runners or Crafter. Supports Draynor bank and Falador East bank. Supports DreamBot default and WindMouse mouse algorithms. Prices are automatically retrieved from Grand Exchange API market price to calculate profit Made for DreamBot 3, supports both resizable and fixed. Recommendations: -Camera zoom in the middle -Check Hide Roofs in Client Settings -Uncheck Dismiss Random Events in Client Settings -Wear Weight-reducing clothing -Accept Aid Off https://oldschool.runescape.wiki/w/Money_making_guide/Crafting_drift_nets Screenshots (not proggy)
  6. I haven't bought any of your scripts but I've seen them and am a huge fan of what you've put out so far. Good luck with sales!
  7. Thank you all, very excited to have my first script up
  8. I’m excited to release my first public script, for free! Pixel’s Sorceress’s Garden (Lite). I picked something that would be challenging as my first script but also something that isn’t on the SDN already. After about 2 months here scripting with the DreamBot API I’m nothing but impressed with not just the API but the responsive staff, scripters and community members that have been extremely helpful. If the script is popular I have along list of additions I'd like to add in the future in a 'Pro' version. Herb demo (not proggy) Fruit demo (not proggy) https://oldschool.runescape.wiki/w/Sorceress's_Garden Choose the garden that you want to traverse. Winter Garden (1+ Thieving) Spring Garden (25+ Thieving) Autumn Garden (45+ Thieving) Summer Garden (65+ Thieving) Choose if you want to collect Herbs or pick Sq’irk fruit. If you choose to collect Herbs… Herbs that are checked will be collected and banked. Herb's that are un-checked will be dropped and will not be banked. (You probably want to drop herbs of low value) In this release currently only Energy potion(4) are supported. If you choose to Use Energy potions you have several sub-options: Withdraw # potions per run (How many potions you want to bring from bank into the garden each run) Dynamically adjust amount for efficiency (This will adjust the number of potions you withdraw from the bank to increase efficiency. Example, If you don’t bring enough potions or if you bring too many potions, this option will automatically adjust the amount of potions to bring next run) Bank when out of Energy potions (When traversing the garden for either fruit or herbs, if we have no more energy potions left in inventory this will force it to go back to bank, deposit and withdraw more energy potion) Logout when no potions left in bank (If not checked, script will continue garden runs without the use of energy potions when there are no more in the bank) Mouse Algorithm DreamBot Default WindMouse (by BenLand100), ported to DreamBot by @holic Hover safe spot (When checked, Mouse will pre-hover the next safe spot while it’s waiting for elemental to move to a safe spot before we click) Spam click safe spot (When checked, it will click the safe spot multiple times while it’s walking to it. Unchecked will only click safe spot once.) Made specifically for DreamBot 3 Herb prices are automatically retrieved from Grand Exchange API market price to calculate profit Recommendations: Resizable mode highly recommended, not fixed Camera zoom in the middle Check Hide Roofs in Client Settings Uncheck Dismiss Random Events in Client Settings Wear Weight-reducing clothing Accept Aid Off Requirements: Prince Ali Rescue quest completed https://oldschool.runescape.wiki/w/Prince_Ali_Rescue Teleport into garden via the Apprentice for the first time on your own Start script inside the Sorceress’s Garden by the fountain or at the Shanty Pass bank. Membership account required for the garden
  9. These were great videos, though need some DB3 changes. These are one of the threads that helped me learn a lot when I started here.
  10. I meant to post this under Client suggestions, if this thread can please be moved! Thanks.
  11. Maybe I'm just very lazy, but doesn't hurt to put it out there. -An option to always open the console on launch, while in developer mode. -When using Fresh Start, by definition, the music on the login screen always starts playing on launch. I'd love for an option for the music button to be clicked to be muted. Also, I really love on DB3 that you can resize the Console window
  12. Build 17. When I open the Console then open the Script Manager the Script Manger is unresponsive, I can't close the Script Manager or Start Script on any script in the Script Manager, until I close the Console window then the Script Manager works as normal. Is this just me? Video: https://drive.google.com/file/d/16v94cgqhDptv8Y5K-plJid8cLufttrPs/view?usp=sharing
  13. Really neat, thank you for sharing this! I added it to one of my private scripts that does have a lot of fast/complicated mouse actions. It's working great so far I can notice the mouse difference. I'm still rather new here so I haven't released any scripts yet but I plan to.
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