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    1. Sorry I do not plan to update any more public scripts at this time. Glad its working well for you though.
    2. Hi I don’t have any update on that yet sorry. Been busy with work and I lost my account I use to test this. It’s still on my list to do.
    3. Likely running SDN scripts that were written for DB2 and not updated to DB3 the on DB3 client.
    4. Hi, I'd suggest first that you take a step back and make sure your current code is working, take it one step at a time and make sure it works as expected before you continue. Have you compiled and ran this yet? In state 0 you're doing walkToGE(); and then doing several Bank things and then increasing the state and moving on. Walking#walk needs to loop until you're at the GE, then you can do the bank actions. In state 1 if the cowhides don't buy, you're closing the GE and walking to al kharid anyway. Again in state 2 the walking to al kharid needs to loop and you don't want to do
    5. https://dreambot.org/javadocs/org/dreambot/api/methods/Calculations.html#random-int-int- public class TestScript extends AbstractScript { int stopAtLevel; @Override public void onStart() { //On script start generate a random number between 15 to 30 stopAtLevel = Calculations.random(15, 30); } @Override public int onLoop() { //Do your stuff here if (Players.localPlayer().getLevel() >= stopAtLevel) { //return -1 will stop the script from looping //however you probably want to add more checks like to
    6. Can you possibly record you buying the pink dyes so we can see how the dialogue goes, or screenshot each of the dialogue steps? I don't have an account that can buy them.
    7. The script would need to support a 'stop condition' to logout at the given combat level. This wouldn't be something the client would do.
    8. Also if you're writing a script today, you should be using the DB3 static API. DB2 is going offline in March. See https://dreambot.org/guides/scripter-guide/script-dev/upgrading-to-db3/
    9. No one's going to be able to give you an accurate answer it's all speculation. They often delay bans so you don't know exactly what you might have did that triggered the ban. Looks like the one might have got caught in a bot busting hunt vs detected by the system automagically.
    10. Are you returning a value in the onLoop?
    11. You most certainly got the temporary ban because you botted on a high level / many hours played account. It would have been permanent if it was a new account from my experience. Bottom line is that you shouldn't bot on any account that you care about. It sounds like you enjoy playing so I'd recommend you spare your account and play legit on it and use botting for other things/accounts. If you bot again on that account I'd almost guarantee you'd lose it in a month max.
    12. Host Configuration Set the minimum and maximum bet allowed. Any trades under or over the amounts set will be declined. Customizable bet multiplier 2x, 3x or 4x. If the gambler wins, we’ll give them #x their bet as their winnings. Normal odds, these are the odds that are displayed in the advertising messages. 60 odds means that the gambler would win 60% of the time and lose 40% of the time. Rigged mode support. If you choose to use rigged mode, the bot will secretly change the odds to whatever you choose for that dice roll when the player bet’s more then a certain amou
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