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    Okay so first off i would like to say that this community is damn awesome and that i don't mean to complain but simply would like to get some kind of explanation or help in this matter.

    I cannot bot at all, i get banned almost instantly or within 1 day. I use my own script wich is pretty good, i will explain below this line what it is i do exactly and what measures of anti-ban i use.

    --Client Side--

    1. I use COVERT Mode.
    2. I use "FRESH START"
    3. I use BREAKS scheduled each 60 minutes with deviation both for duration on 30 minutes and initialization.
    4. I'm never on the same worlds on any of my bots.
    5. When the bots have played for approximately 3 hours i let them sleep for atleast 24 hours.

    --Script Side--

    1. I use random sleeps, not too long, not too short. But reasonably long sleeps like a player would actually do.
    2. Since i scripted my own private script and i use a method wich involves COMBAT in an area wich is almost empty it's not as likewise that a player reported me.
    3. I carefully programmed every step my enum goes through and watched it bot for several hours (alot of coffee and popcorn involved) to make sure it doesnt bug or hangs or do something wrong.
    4. My private script does combat -> goes fish for food -> cook the food -> eat the food in combat if health is low -> prayer for every looted bones -> banks if inventory is full. -> Also switches between Attack , Defence and Strength in the "Combat Phase"

    SO! my script is very universal. ie it isn't a money farming method involved and i use every niche of anti-ban that can be done AND i bot smart, not too many hours, use breaks and so forth.

    Why tf do i get banned so damn fast lol?

    I tried with VPN (over 50 accounts banned with NordVPN)
    I tried without VPN (Around 20 acc bans.)
    I tried PAID proxies / PREMIUM proxies (Got my last 25 accounts banned there)

    I mean i understand you will get banned, but before 24 hours? how do you guys even earn any money on this? xD

    No really i'm confused and angry, please give me something so i can understand or atleast reduce the rate of bans.

    !! I will not share my script, atleast not in a post or publicly for reasonable reasons. !!

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    It sounds like its something you are doing in the script to be honest. It might be something you're overlooking, clicking the exact same point or something a human can't do consistently.  

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    21 hours ago, xVril said:

    It sounds like its something you are doing in the script to be honest. It might be something you're overlooking, clicking the exact same point or something a human can't do consistently.  

    Hmm but I don't do anything weird. No mouse spot is hard coded on the same exact spot for example. I use the built in functions from the API like getBank.Open for example. 

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    21 hours ago, Pandemic said:

    Usually when bans happen that quick, it's usually an IP issue. Make sure the account is created and botted on the same IP for its whole life.

    Aaah I currently switch between 2 ips because I live in two different areas in different occasions so that may be it? 

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    That'll likely flag the account(s) ya. Don't think they would insta-lock for a IP change if it's the same general area as I've switched proxy locations between neighboring cities.

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    Did you let the accounts rest after tutorial island?

    From my experience scripts with lots of actions get banned more. Gotta think like a player. Could you play at the same consistency with clicks that the bot does? Like i can tell you right now if I had to play and fish for 5 hours I wouldn't care if i was able to drop all the fish or not i would just get some out of the way so it can keep going. Gotta think about it. Same with combat, banking, etc. Some of the programmers i saw out there were putting tiredness mechanics into scripts too.

    Their detection is looking at those click through rates. ahaha. they get paid per click ;)

    Edited by LordJashin32
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    Also  NordVPN is shit to bot on. I have been botting on the same IP with mix results leaning to more positive thus I am sticking around with botting. My main which I mainly bot banking skills as well as mort fungi is still living till this day after 3 and half years. The main has one temp ban due to testing a shit script on RSpeer.  I have another account that is over a year old that I bot hard on and had yet to be banned. I played legit for two months straight on the now level 67, it was my chin hunter but now it is my main tester as the skills aren't have bad and it has a lot of quests done. To be honest it depends on the script and the life of the account. I notice that my older accounts usually do not get banned or they last much longer than newer accounts. My last account banned was level 70 and I botted straight from the beginning and lasted three months. I botted around five hours a day and took days off. I tested a combat script for the security stronghold for only an hour then right after I got the ban. The account before that was around the same level with the same story but I test manly's premium miner and then within the hour I was banned, this could had been due to the place I was mining and the time of day. It was late night NA which meant that Wealth was most likely doing his rounds. I have used NordVPN as well as VMs for massing botting and these accounts last only 24-48 hours then they get banned thus I no longer practice mass farms. Shit is hard to pin point but with trial and error you can get some positive results.

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