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    1. The bot need to be able to have a master / slave .txt file from which it reads.
    2. I need to be able to give the script tile locations both for the slave and master.
    I need to be able to give the slaves information about what items they have to remove from the bank and trade to the master or
    what items the master has to trade the slave.
    3. There needs to be a grand exchange select option if toggled than I need to be able to fill in what the slaves need to buy from the grand exchange, quantity & price.
    4. Upon starting the master has to walk to the tile & idling until the current slave has arrived at his tile and traded the master.
    5. if the slave has been given the task to remove items from the bank to give to the master than it walks to the nearest bank and removes them before walking to the tile
    and trades them to the master if not than it just walks straight to the tile.
    6. both master & slave wait until all items either by the slave or master are in the trade screen before accept.
    7. If the grand exchange mode is selected than the slave walks to the grand exchange and buys the items.
    7. the slave logs out upon completing its task
    8. next slave logs in and tasks repeats.

    Covert mode needs to be supported.
    If you are up for this task than please PM me a price quote and estimate time it will take.

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    Unless the user is of S+ rank or above please avoid doing business with them unless you vet them well.  Normal scripter rank people are not backed by DreamBot. If they sell you a dog ass script or run with your money it's your fault.  S+ members (can be found in the Private Script Shop subsection of the forum) are quality vetted by DreamBot and the only people recognized publicly for private scripting. 

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