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  • Will I get banned on my main for botting an alt accounts?


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    I have woodcutting bots running on the same pc i want to play on my actual account on. my question is, will Jagex detect that they're all from the same IP address and ban them all? I obviously don't want my main getting banned. I'm not using proxies right now btw.


    i apologize if this is a dumb question haha

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    They can detect accounts running in the same IP but it does not necessarily mean your main will get banned. You shouldn't get banned for botting if you don't bot on that account if those accounts don't interact but can't say it's 100% safe either

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    16 hours ago, Staceyy said:

    u can say ur little brother bot on the same IP.. but u don't.


    No. You were waiting for your pizza in a restaurant and saw a person in another table playing an interesting game and started playing it in the same wifi

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    34 minutes ago, Aeglen said:

    It's a good question, I did this and my main did not get banned even though the alts did.

    Same, week or so ago I botted on my home IP, 3 bots banned, main still going even though I traded quite a few mil off of it

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    On 6/16/2020 at 7:17 PM, Defiled said:

    Jagex may botwatch and/or chain ban your account, I've seen it happen. Don't risk it.

    Playing OSRS on mobile broadband must be very risky

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