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    Hey guys, 

    I'm having an issue with my script, and I'm looking for a point in the right direction.

    The problem is that it will click too many times, and this is something correct logic or a sleepUntil will usually fix.

    But I believe that the problem lies with the widget ID, as I have been messing around with a ton of different ways to code this and it will still click twice before making the cannonballs.


    So what I want to happen:

    Clicks the furnace

    Waits for the "Make all" cannonballs widget, then clicks it

    Waits for the bars to be used up

    Get more bars and repeat.

    What actually happens:
    Clicks the furnace, waits until the sleep that I put in there is over

    Clicks the furnace again 1ms before clicking the widget

    Runs as normal.


    The log shows that it reaches "if (makeAll != null){"  but then starts the script over, and by the time it reaches that if statement, it will work and actually click it.


    Here's the code:

    package nodes;
    import org.dreambot.api.methods.Calculations;
    import org.dreambot.api.methods.map.Area;
    import org.dreambot.api.script.TaskNode;
    import org.dreambot.api.wrappers.interactive.GameObject;
    import org.dreambot.api.wrappers.widgets.WidgetChild;
    public class SmithNode extends TaskNode {
       private Area furnaceArea = new Area(3109, 3498, 3109, 3499);
       private GameObject furnace;
       private WidgetChild makeAll;
        public boolean accept() {
            return getInventory().contains("Steel bar")
                    && getInventory().contains("Ammo mould");
        public int execute() {
            furnace = getGameObjects().closest("Furnace");
            makeAll = getWidgets().getWidgetChild(270, 14);
            // Logs to help debugging
            // If the player is in the furnace area
                // If the furnace is not null, interact with it
                if (furnace != null){
                    // If a sleep is not present, it will spam click for a second or two
                    sleep(Calculations.random(2000, 3000));
                    /* Here is I believe the problem lies.
                    *  because it seems to see the widget as null when it isn't.
                    *  I used the debug and widget tool to find the ID. I have also tried other IDs.
                    *  Perhaps this is a part of the redesign's functionality, to help prevent bots?
                    if (makeAll != null){
                        // Interact with the widgetChild
                        // This makes the bot wait until a level-up dialogue appears
                        // and waits for it to finish smelting
                        sleepUntil(() -> getDialogues().continueDialogue()
                                || !getInventory().contains("Steel bar"), 180000);
                // If not at the furnace area, walk there
            } else if (getWalking().shouldWalk(Calculations.random(2, 5))){
            } return 300;


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    3 minutes ago, wettofu said:

    if (makeAll.interact()){


    Thanks for the suggestion

    It will still click the furnace a few times before clicking the makeAll widget

    Edited by Xtra
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    11 minutes ago, wettofu said:

    i dont really understand but couldnt you just make it 

    if make all !=null 

    else  interact furnace

    My saviour <3  that worked

    I need to get used to this type of logic, sometimes it's too easy to fall to overly linear logic.

    Have my upvote


    Edit: I spoke too soon, it does the same thing in a different order, but with the same outcome

    Clicks, then clicks again just before "making all" cannonballs

    Edited by Xtra
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    1 minute ago, Pandemic said:

    You should get the widget right before you need it, not before a few seconds of sleeping. A null widget will not turn into a non-null one by itself :)

    Very true, however I did this because it would spamclick 4-5 times, and with the sleep it clicks only once. Neither are favourable though

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    4 minutes ago, Xtra said:

    Very true, however I did this because it would spamclick 4-5 times, and with the sleep it clicks only once. Neither are favourable though

    What I mean is, you should call:

    makeAll = getWidgets().getWidgetChild(270, 14);

    right before you check if it's null, after the sleep :)

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