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Sammed by Majd

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Hi Hashtag,


Please see below (Incident occured on 12/06/2020)


* I contacted Madj on discord after he posted in Dreambot chat that he was selling twitch prime accounts (my usual dude was offline). I requested to purchase 10 twitch prime memberships at the cost of 1M OSRS GP which Madj stated to be fine and asked me to meet in Lumby to transfer

* I transferred the gold and while in the trade window stated it was me, upon accepting the trade Madj logged off OSRS, blocked me on discord and removed the chat history. No twitch prime memberships were ever recieved. 


Due to Madj blocking/deleting the discord chat i have raised a GDPR request with discord to get the chat history. This could take up to 30 days but will clearly illustrate the scam. 

I also noticed he was using a secondary Dreambot account advertising more twitch prime sales in the Dreambot chat, if this isnt suspicious i dont know what is. 

Due to Madj blocking me all discord messages were removed from the discord chat (hence its only me)



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16 hours ago, Hashtag said:

@thecloakdone could you post some evidence of the transaction with @Majd? How did you come in contact with the user?

Majd, you have been placed on TWC until this is resolved.

Hey Hashtag, this guy is a liar i didn't even speak to him on discord. he's just trying to hate on me man i got so many haters even on 'zezima' clan chat

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20 hours ago, thecloakdone said:


Just saw that Madj is now trying to sell the account he scammed me from. The RSN is "T6" (Cbt around mid 70's) and was the account Madj was on when he scammed me.

Fucking liar I didn't even speak to you about the 2 letter don't fucking lie 

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@thecloakdone, thank you for the information.

@Majd, there is evidence against you in our chat logs. You are to refund OP in full (10M OSRS gp) within 24 hours or you will be permanently banned from the use of DreamBot services.

@thecloakdone, please reply here once you have been refunded so the case can be closed.


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