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  • Ninja Cooker - [FREE] [Cooks Most Items] [TASK QUEUING] [MULTIPLE LOCATIONS]


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    • Cooks most items that can be cooked on a fire/range (let me know if something is not working, I will look into it)
    • Task Queuing - Lets you add multiple items to cook in one run without restarting the script.  Can be done by X amount of cooked items or by level.
    • Multiple Locations
      • Rogues Den
      • Catherby
      • Al Kharid
      • If you want another location added, let me know
    • Stops if you run out of raw food
    • Dynamic sleeping



    1. Type a food name in the food name box
    2. Select an ending condition for this task from the drop down - amount to cook or level
      1. Amount to Cook will continue on this item until you have SUCCESSFULLY cooked this amount before switching to the next task
      2. Level will continue to cook the item until you reach the desired level
    3. Type in the amount/level in the box
    4. Select a location from the drop down
    5. Hit Add Task
    6. Repeat steps 1-5 until you have all of your desired tasks added
    7. Head to the Review & Start tab
    8. If you would like to remove a task that was added, highlight it in the list and use the Remove Task button
    9. Ohterwise, click Start Script!

    Version History:

    0.03 - Various bug fixes
    0.02 - DB3 Compatibility Update
    0.01 - Initial Release


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    On 11/12/2020 at 12:32 AM, Jus4RS said:

    When I Start The Script It Just Auto Exits, Nothing Opens, Just Crashes... Not Sure Why Lol 

    Updated for DB3 just pushed now.  Once it is compiled, it will work again :)

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