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  • F2P Varrock Guard Killer


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    Short description: 

    This bot trains on the guards in Varrock and banks at the Grand Exchange.  It is great for training f2p accounts to mid level combat.  You can also train range however it does not pick up arrows.



    GUI: The GUI allows for you to select your food type.  It also allows you to select whether or not to use strength potions.

    Paint: Track exp gained, exp/hr and time ran.

    Breaks: The script takes automatic breaks that vary in length between 100 seconds and 1000 seconds.


    Before starting the script:

     - Have auto retaliate on

     - Wear the gear you intend on using

     - Select the attack style you intend on using

    - Have the food you are using in your bank

    - Have strength potions of any (X) in your bank if intending on using strength potions

    - Place you player in the Grand Exchange with your inventory empty


    Screen shots:








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    Just so you know, the script takes food out, nd str pots, puts back in runs away then,  doe the same thing, then third time it actually works, and goes back to guards

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    Yep.. Thats the only problem. Keeps getting everything closing it then going back to return all of it. Then realizes it did and runs back, does it again. Looping on the cycle


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    Yeah it worked for about 2 fish loads, now it just keeps returning all fish and str pots. Please lmk if you're able to fix this, overall i like the speed of the script

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