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  • Help! My bot doesn't do anything! Enable fresh start in client settings and restart the client
  • How to purchase with PayPal/OSRS gold? You can purchase vouchers from other users
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  1. Short description: This bot trains on the guards in Varrock and banks at the Grand Exchange. It is great for training f2p accounts to mid level combat. You can also train range however it does not pick up arrows. Features: GUI: The GUI allows for you to select your food type. It also allows you to select whether or not to use strength potions. Paint: Track exp gained, exp/hr and time ran. Breaks: The script takes automatic breaks that vary in length between 100 seconds and 1000 seconds. Before starting the script: - Have auto retaliate on - Wear the gear you intend on using - Select the attack style you intend on using - Have the food you are using in your bank - Have strength potions of any (X) in your bank if intending on using strength potions - Place you player in the Grand Exchange with your inventory empty Screen shots: GUI: Paint:
  2. Check out my G.e Hoe script 😁
  3. There’s one on the sdn for free by hashtag
  4. I hope the script I made for you helps!
  5. Thanks again hashtag. I will be pushing an update soon to include a gui that enables more diverse options (like custom messages, locations, ect.)
  6. I read somewhere on the forums that someone was looking for a troll script 😁 I thought this was perfect. Also, I made around 900k on f2p with one account in 5 hours. It's not the best money, but its funny to watch people react to it.😂
  7. What does this script do? This script is best used with a female account. This script begs for bf for 1gp. The first user to trade the bot will be the bot's 'bf' and the bot will them follow them around until somone trades the bot a higher amount than previously offered. In which case, the bot will then follow the new highest trader and so on. The bot only takes gp. Requirements: - Level 3 female account - Empty inventory - Be in the Grand Exchange Features: - Many different chat responses - Ability to stay within g.e no matter what - Automatic reset ability built in (1% chance of reset every loop) - Dances randomly - Moves around the g.e randomly Screenshot:
  8. This is a woodcutting script that supports power-chopping in all locations(f2p & p2p). It also supports banking in most locations. This script comes with a simple GUI and paint to display your progress. Screenshots: Enjoy and Good luck!
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