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  • [POLL] How much does you custom script make?


    [POLL] How much does you custom script make?  

    34 members have voted

    1. 1. Profit per hour per account?

      • 0k - 50k /hr per account
      • 50k - 100k / hr per account
      • 100k - 250k / hr per account
      • 250k - 500k / hr per account
      • 500k - 750k / hr per account
      • 750k - 1m / hr per account
      • 1m - 2m / hr per account
      • 2m - 3m / hr per account
      • 3m - 5m / hr per account
      • over 5m /hr per account

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    Hey guys, I'm curious how much your custom / little known methods make.

    Give us an estimate of your hourly profits per hour per account.

    How much can a good method milk out of OSRS these days? Is anything making more than Zulrah now that bounty hunter has been removed?

    Voter names are hidden so nobody bugs you.

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    There are quite a few stupid ways to make 75-125k+ if you look around hard enough.

    My last farm before I had to shutdown was the definition of basic but it was bringing in some decent stacks for the investment, risk, processing power needed. 


    good idea hiding voter names lol.  Last thing I want is  more vennys in my DM's.

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    For me getting to the 100k - 200k range was pretty easy, just had to write a good script for and basic money maker. 250k plus is impressive to me, but I also haven't gotten into members scripts yet which makes a difference. Working on my "Escape F2P" script atm.

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    The most difficult part when it comes to the higher income methods is finding one that is sustainable in the long term without cucking the market whilst also having decently low requirements so that bans aren't an issue. 

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    • 2 weeks later...

    @Pseudo I feel that. The market is far more "cuckable" than I expected to be honest. It's an element to this that I was not expecting. If you farm a specific item fast enough you can do some serious damage to the price solo.

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