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  • Shy Woodcutter


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    Shy Woodcutter




    Description: Chops most types of trees, Custom Areas, Progressive Mode, Upgrades Axes, Drop or Bank Logs.



    • Chops most types of trees
    • Custom Areas: User can choose their own locations to chop trees.
    • Progressive Mode: The bot will switch to the best tree it can chop(Currently, it only goes Tree->Oak->Willow->Yew)
    • Upgrades Axes: The bot will go to the bank and upgrade to the best available axe based on Woodcutting level.
    • Can drop or bank logs at the closest bank.
    • Can collect bird nests
    • Easy to use GUI
    • Custom paint that can be opened and closed.





    • 1. Have an axe equipped or in the inventory
    • 2. Check the boxes for which options you want
    • 3. Select tree type
    • 4. Select Area (if you choose custom area, you will need to go to the location you want the bot to chop. You then need to click the "Get Location" button to get your current coordinates. Finally, enter a value in the radius text box to set how wide of an area around the current coordinates that you want the bot to chop in. )
    • 5. Click the start button


    Please let me know of any bugs or other issues you encounter with the script, and I will try to fix them as soon as possible. This is my first script, and I am new to using Java.



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    5 hours ago, Hashtag said:

    That's a nice script! Released and promoted. Congratulations!


    5 hours ago, GetPoggedOn said:

    nice script, looks good!


    Thank you! 🙂

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    Sometimes works for a while in a custom area then randomly runs away to some other area. I stood in draynor custom area it banked the logs and ran back to the custom location. Then after cutting 2 logs it runs to lumbridge area for no reason. Its really good while it works just get rid off these issues.

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    Starting to understand the bug now, everytime in a custom location upon it's leveling up it runs away somewhere else. Just make sure to keep the bot staying in the given coordinates area and not change location then bank and run back.

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