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    I've recently wanted to get back into developing and maintaining a large scale bot farm. I've run a few farms in the past but scaling, maintenance and deployment were extremely time consuming and eventually led to me shutting them down.

    With my recent interest in Kubernetes, and Containerization I thought it would be a fun / great learning experience to make a large scale cloud-agnostic bot farm with a complex scheduling system that made it trivial to scale and deploy multiple self-maintained farms. I imagine booting up any brand new computer, running one or two lines of code, and that computer instantly becoming a client that can immediately host a number of bots. And likewise, I imagine purchasing or creating a new account, adding its details to a database, and the scheduler immediately being able to deploy that account to whatever machine it sees fit, and with whatever script would be most beneficial based on the accounts stats/quests.

    I've already gotten a lot of the framework done and have a DreamBot container deployable to any system, working on integrating with Kubernetes and making a Scheduler.

    Does anyone else get excited by the idea of this, or am I just a nerd? =P


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    23 hours ago, thecloakdone said:

    Ive got my farm on Kubes at the moment and its running amazingly, if you need any help let me know! 

    Hey man, im looking to get into kubes for dreambot botting. any tips or help you can give me to learn or point me in the right direction. anything would be appreciated. thank you

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    Biggest things when starting with docker/kubes:

    - Set log rotation limits

    - Run on native linux not virtualised or its not worth the overhead of kubes

    - Ensure proxies are working correctly within the image (loopbacks within script etc wont be able to talk to anything on the docker network if on a proxy)

    - Always ensure the gamepack.jar and client.jar are up to date on your images 

    - Always use "Fresh start" && "Remove all traces"

    - Set FPS to something that is reasonable (you dont need 30fps to bot - a game tick can be as low as 50ms on RS so should only need 12FPS to catch all tick changes)

    - Invest/Code high quality scripts with mule support. There is no point going down the kubes/docker route until you have the vast majority of the farm automate. Aint no one got time to be manually muling that many accounts

    - Optimize the amount of clients per docker image to miximise CPU cycles

    - Benchmark, Benchmark, Benchmark - Some small changes will have huge effects on the performance of the VM. 


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