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    When I log into a new account screen size is always set to resizable and because of it my script can't click on the Gielinor Guide . I came with 2 solutions:

    - play manually until options are available,

    - log into a account with available options, change screen size to static, and come back to the first account,

    Is there a consistent way to make the bot click on the Gielinor Guide on resizable mode?

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    1 hour ago, Hashtag said:

    #1Questing rotates the camera all the way up and clicks a red pixel.

    That is a good idea but can you tell me how to get pixel color? getColorPicker().getColorAt() doesn't work for me.

    EDIT: Ok, nevermind. I was testing getColorPicker().getColorAt(getMouse.getX(), getMouse.getY()) manually and it always returned color of my cursor :D

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    I'm not sure where, but there should be a snippet Nezz released somewhere regarding his temporary "fix" for that issue.  Look around tutorials/guides, maybe the search bar.  Good luck with this!

    Would've been amazing for the client to simply support all zooms :(

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    @johnycoool, you can loop through the viewport pixels and use that method to get individual pixel colors. I don't have it check for a specific red rgb value. Instead, I check if a found color is within certain threshold from my set red color. Because this found pixel is most likely at the edge of the NPC model's head, you should hop your mouse to that said pixel. Otherwise it would miss when the NPC moves.

    If you don't find this solution as something you'd use, you can check Nezz's post about the same issue.

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    Also, yeah, it'd be nice if the client supported resizable mode and zooming. However, this quote explains it.

    On 11/25/2018 at 11:35 PM, Nuclear Nezz said:

    It won't be done in db2, most likely.

    DB3 already has the math for zoom and resizable done, it just doesn't work with how we have models set up in db2.


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    I have had also success usin Nezz's method as mentioned by Hashtag but instead of pointing the camrea at a red pixel i point it directly at the guide using:


    I spent a while scratching my head on how to improve on Nezz's method but can't figure out how to account for the zoom and screen sizes. I have had success with always rotating to face the guide, the accuracy is good as long as the NPC is central, the further away the NPC is from the centre the more inaccurate Nezz's method is.

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    The correct way to do it is to disable the random solver and offset the x and y coordinates until you're able to switch to fixed. I won't tell you what they are but that's enough information to find out if you're determined to figure it out.

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