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    Basically I'm trying to expand my knowledge of Java and be familiar with the absolute inner workings of it. I think it would be a great idea for my to invest my time into making my own client for the experience and knowledge I will gain throughout the process. The only problem is I have absolutely no idea where to begin! If anyone could please point me in the right direction for what I should start looking at, such as bytecode or some other area of Java, to begin building the foundation for a client that would be much appreciated! Even just a list of topics I would need to be strong in to get going would help me out so much.

    FYI please don't just paste code and say there's half your client, add two more lines in and it will work. I'm going to do this from scratch and learn everything I need to know along the way for my own person knowledge, not to prove I can copy and paste. Setting a big goal in my mind helps me because to achieve it I need to learn a multitude of different things, and in the end hopefully I'm that much better of a programmer when I'm successful. 
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    54 minutes ago, Hashtag said:

    That's a bit unnecessarily aggressive message targeted at our mods, especially when we haven't ever closed/hid any of your posts.

    You are right, I apologize.

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    I think the process to making a client fully from scratch is a bit more than you're expecting.

    Mostly because I'd suggest making an updater first, which requires at least a little bit of understanding of the gamepack itself.

    As far as the actual client goes, you'd need to figure out if you want to do injection or reflection, if you want to do injection then I'd suggest you go back to step 1 (updater) so that you can familiarize yourself with their code, and while making your updater you can mess around with removing/adding code to the gamepack.

    If you want to do reflection, then that's a little easier on your end, but takes more effort on the client's end.


    Either way, I'd say do an updater first because if gets you familiar with working with bytecode and the gamepack.

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