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  • Client Release

    Nuclear Nezz

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    Hello everyone!

    I have another client release here for you, with a couple of changes, a couple of bug fixes, and a new addition or two.

    There will now be a full list of worlds to choose from in the client settings now, for boot world select.

    I have deprecated World.getId and replace it with World.getWorld, this it be more clear as to the value that it returns (301, instead of 1)

    Added tabs to the debug console! As well as adding another LogType to MethodProvider, which is Script. Every basic MethodProvider.log("stuff") will be assumed a Script log level. The debug console will have one tab for each log type, as well as the first tab being "All" which shows every log, like the previous debug console did. Hopefully this will help with some of the log spams from the client, or scripts.

    Added getMyWorld() to the worlds class, which will retrieve your current World, rather than making you do getWorlds().getWorld(etc)

    Added in some sleeps to the end of a few random events (login solver, resizable solver, zoom solver) in their onFinish methods, to help fix the next addition:

    Removed walking from the camera event in interactions. I've changed InteractionEvent to actually use the InteractionSettings.MOVE, all interactions are defaulted to *not* move, if you include that interaction setting, it will walk towards the NPC if you're further than 8 tiles away from it, as long as you can still reach it (so it won't walk towards caged npcs)

    Removed the WorldGrabber class, as it was empty and unused, if you were using it for something then your script deserves to break.

    Moved a lot of the current client logs to use appropriate log levels, so as to clear up some of the clutter in each tab.

    The random manager will now check through to see if there is another random event ready and needing to be solved before it gives control back to the actual script, so as to avoid accidental looping between solvers. These "chained" randoms will cap out at 5, just in case there's some sort of loop going on.

    Fixed the membership parsing on the welcome screen if you have 1 day of membership left on the new welcome screen interface.


    Edit: I changed a check in the loader for classes that failed to load, it was spamming a log to the debug console. It shouldn't do that anymore.


    Sorry for the lack of formatting on this thread, I don't have a ton of time available right now to fine tune it to look pretty.

    Thank you everyone, as always!

    The Dream Team

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