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Dispute against Milasoft

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On 8/29/2019 at 4:45 AM, Milasoft said:

Not sure why xephys post was even approved, that's highly unprofessional in itself. I could have had the customers project completed by now if he accepted that. I had a very bad string of luck so I wasn't able to work. I don't want any pity or anything so I won't go into details, but it set me back quite a bit. I offered to pay the customer back with extra money due to the inconvenience, but it's going to take time. I'm not really sure what else to do now, maybe I fucked up by giving him the option of having it completed instead of just completing it and giving it to him late.

I don't see how approving Xephy's post was unprofessional. It's relevant enough to the dispute IMO, and I share his opinion. This is not the first time a post of a regular member that's not involved with the dispute gets their post approved.

Having a bad string of luck has nothing to do with spending money you haven't yet earned. You should not have spent the money Mencista paid you until you were sure your due service was complete. There was a mutual agreement on a max timespan in which your product had to be done. 

You can't just tell people to wait when a deadline was explicitly mentioned. If Mencista wants a refund because one of the agreements were broken, then it's his right to do so.

"maybe I fucked up by giving him the option of having it completed instead of just completing it and giving it to him late."

The way I see it, you fucked up in multiple ways:

1) You made him pay in advance and spent the money beforehand

2) You took a full week to respond to this dispute after I posted you are to refund him. An alternative could have been formed if both parties approved of it. You've had activity the past week, so that's a chance you missed. Even if all the OP wants is a refund, we could have looked at partial refunds / time period (week,month,..), payment in OSRS GP, other services,...

3) Shit happens. I understand that due to circumstances, you might not have been able to complete the service in due time. When that happens, you should have communicated this to Mencista as soon as you felt like you could not complete it in time. You should have kept your client in the loop of what was happening in your life. Mencista does not strike the impression of being unreasonable. He's put a lot of trust in you, but you failed to answer that trust due to lack of communication.

Your lackluster approach of washing your hands in innocence because of "circumstances", as well as not taking this dispute seriously, to me, is the true unprofessionalism in this thread. Besides having to pass the S+ test - Which you only narrowly did -, Scripter+'s are expected to handle their scripting affairs in a communicative, professional manner.  I told you this when you were promoted to a Scripter+ last year:



Lack of follow-up on the dispute, solutions, or agreement/contact with Mencista on your side gives me little choice on this dispute.

I will have no other choice but to ban you from Dreambot until you come to an agreement with Mencista. But as it stands, if you want to ever return to Dreambot, you will have to refund Mencista in full, or provide him service of equal value. After some time, your premium scripts will be pulled from our SDN. In the event of that happening, you will have to re-earn your scripter ranks and privileges.

I need not to remind you that I was banned from Dreambot for the very same reason in 2015. And although I can sympathize with your situation, I can not afford to be biased on disputes. This post reflects Dreambot's view on private scripting, and I have little leeway to stray from that. I can't give you special treatment because of us being friends. I'm sorry.

@Mencista, I'm sorry for your loss. If @Milasoft decides to refund you or you come to an agreement which feels equal to a refund, you can let me know via PM. 



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