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    Hello, I'd like to open a dispute against @Milasoft

    Even though I liked the whole process at the start, he even took time to make invoice which i paid like 80% of it in advance.  

    At first everything went smooth, he gave me some updates then he vanished for 1 month. And its been almost 3 weeks since he came back and there was no sign of refund at all. Mostly just ignoring me. I kinda paid a lot of money for this and didnt see no result at all in 2 months. I'm tired of waiting and recieving no repply. I believe i paid 410/556$ image.png.c11335fa24af979f7bd41d2ebad0c2f9.pngimage.thumb.png.2d649389e031859ee852571c1e6321bd.pngimage.thumb.png.450de01eaca378fce5277ab9124c0d8f.png 

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    I did tell him it would take 1-2 months also, so if he would have approved me to continue working, I would mostly be done by today which is 2 months. Maybe a little over for the bot manager.


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    I'm going to put my two cents in.

    I think it's highly unprofessional to deny somebody a refund request because you don't have the money. If you spend the money your customer gives you in advance, that's not the customer's fault and they shouldn't be punished for it.




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    I tend to agree with @Xephy here. You're basically keeping your customer hostage even though the agreement in terms of timeframe wasn't respected.

    This is not how the real world works. If you're paid to provide a product and/or service, you're naturally more than expected to do whatever it is you're hired for. 

    You are to refund @Mencista in full within seven days as of this time of posting.

    Spending money you haven't "earned" yet is a hard lesson learned. Speaking out of personal experience.

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    Not sure why xephys post was even approved, that's highly unprofessional in itself. I could have had the customers project completed by now if he accepted that. I had a very bad string of luck so I wasn't able to work. I don't want any pity or anything so I won't go into details, but it set me back quite a bit. I offered to pay the customer back with extra money due to the inconvenience, but it's going to take time. I'm not really sure what else to do now, maybe I fucked up by giving him the option of having it completed instead of just completing it and giving it to him late.

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