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  • Zawy Dispute 200M

    Mr Dapper

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    Starting off I'd consider I got scammed by Zawy for 200M and I was encouraged by another scripter to open a dispute no point in throwing in names // Okay so first of all I paid zawy and he didn't 'complete' script for two weeks and told me it was going to be working flawlessly, after the first week or so he didn't respond to me and when he did it was when I said I was going to open a dispute which you guys will see in screenshots. After he responded he told me that he'd work on it the following day (sunday) if he wasn't too hungover which I'd say is pretty professional.. He uses me being sour against me but I think anyone on DB would be after waiting for as long as I did I think he was taking advantage of me being new... After me waiting the two weeks he wouldn't give me an updated script until I edited my post (which was a bad review) on his thread ) pretty small update too I'd say all it had to do was switch back to normal PvP worlds because it's a POH butler bot and it has to be on PvP worlds but jagexs switches them every now and then and it wouldn't work.


    I requested theese and he wouldn't complete (extra features) but he told me he was going to create me a flawless script.

    1. Teleport when exits house (Or restock on death but could be sitting outside house waiting for someone to kill for awhile to un bug) 

    2. Pulls out 100 law runes at a time when out of law runes pull out another 100 / same with earths. (It bugs out and sometimes goes outside of house and sits spamming call butler until it get's killed and when killed goes to lumby and doesn't move until it logs out)

    3. Speed up planks per hour.. increase movement speed and reaction time of teleporting and responses on the butler. (Walks slowly) and goes threw dialogue slow etc)

    Is waiting 2 weeks a fair reason to be bent right fkn sideways over it?

















    I'm not saying I'm completely innocent either I said some harsh things such as callin him a fgt but I guess anyone would in my situation paid $200 cad for it and that's a hefty amount for me 



    Full Conversation between us




    Willing to sample 'Completed Script' for any mod+



    Also think this is an important picture to add:


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    @Zawy please respond. Also, please respond with something else than "Watch out for this guy, he has some serious issues and making death treats.". The user purchased a product from you, and is clearly unsatisfied with it and your service.

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    The script he bought:

    [screenshots of Discord chat hidden by hash]

    I really want to help him but it's impossible to talk to this person. Last time everything was working untill I added something else for him.(which was just some with banking).


    The reason I don't want to add new features is because I simply do not have time for them. 



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    hid screenshots
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    I'd like to include that this script was never working and  I never even ran any bots on it for longer then 2 hour I stopped them because half of them got killed from bugs, this was never completed I'm not asking for new features I want my script or money back I'm just extremely annoyed of wasting time and money over this... I think there's more to be expected in 200M

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    By looking at the chat logs there are a couple of things that could have been done better. Firstly, @Zawy should have been more responsive after being paid for the service. This is what initially got @Mr Dapper frustrated. After things escalated, Mr Dapper could've achieved better results by taking a moment to explain clearly what is wrong and what should be fixed. But I don't know the whole story and things went how they went, so as a result here we are.

    In Zawy's terms he agrees offer free fixes for the script and any new feature would cost. Zawy has a feeling that Mr Dapper is requesting new features to be added in the script and the customer thinks they're bug fixes and not new features.

    So. What features did you both agree on and how does the script work with the mentioned features?

    Also, @Mr Dapper, you did mention it worked:


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    I meant it works for hopping worlds but I think he updated the script to throw the dispute off because the script I receive pushed 2500 at once then I got him to take out money from bank because it kept bugging out and going outside of house and I would die and loose GP... The script I have now does 1800 an hour and it bugs out and goes out side of the house and gets killed it looses all law runes and does not run quickly or smooth at all it's very delayed and not worth running. I haven't used the script AT ALL since received except for bug testing.



    Quick edit; ran for 15 mins and got 950+ planks???



    another edit; I'm gonna run bot for 15 mins and send screenshots.






    2600 Planks per hour doesn't compare to 3800 not to mention they should be getting atleast 5k. the script is extremely slow and goes threw dialogue is slow and stand for a second or two doing nothing every time it teleport which is alot when it's supported to do 250+ teles an hour .


    Also he was being petty and I was asking him to fix the script because of that and he just sent me a script that doesnt bank my money and risks it all...







    Literally in the video he sent it in desc it says gets up to 6k per hour.




    Not max at 2800 let alone idk where 3800 came from

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    Says it's still working and wants hashtag to confirm it isn't he says he ran for 2 hours and no problems but I ran for 30 mins and ran into 5 or so issues. He says it's fine because he ran it for 2+ hours. I ran off 20 accounts at once and I'm assuming that's why I got more errors then him but he doesn't wanna refund me at all.. I'm not going to run this script and I don't wanna continue wasting my time with it. Hashtag I'll run 10-20 accounts for 1-4 hours for you off my dedi so you can witness all the errors.



    edit; I'd run it longer to find more errors but I don't wanna get banned / loose MORE gp from it.  there still GE error which I ignored because it was the first one and I wasn't planning on pulling threw with the dispute because maybe that was only error but I really think this script is not worth 200M / even anything..

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