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    Guide on how to protect yourself from scammers


    Why I Made This Guide


    I decided to make this guide as I myself have been scammed before. I also made this guide to help prevent any scams in the Dreambot marketplace, to protect all of you guys. ^_^


    Different Types of Scams


    There are many types of scams that go on in the Runescape market, today we are going to be talking about a few of them. Most of the scams that go on in runescape are either paypal or happen without a Middleman. Let's say you are selling some gold for paypal, the trade goes well, he pays you, and you give him the gold. But then, next thing you know he has chargebacked you on paypal. How this works depends on how they sent the money.



    A VPN/VPS is something that will hide your IP which gives paypal the impression that you have been hacked, and it is very easy to recieve your money back this way


    If they sent it as gift, they will usually use a VPN and tell Paypal that they got hacked, resulting in them usually getting their money back.

    Credit/Debit Card Payments

    The next way to chargeback is with credit or debit cards, and it is by far the easiest way. All they have to do if paying with a credit/debit card through paypal is call their bank and say that it was an unauthorized transaction and their bank will reverse the payment.


    Fraud/Stolen Account Use

    I am going to start off by saying this is not the same thing as using a VPN/VPS. Unauthorized use is when a user has used someone elses paypal account to make the purchase. "Another User" being someone they likely stole the account from, which is why it is classified as fraud. There are several websites that sell "hacked" Paypal accounts for a cheap price, many of which are verified and have an account balance. Whenever the owner of the account sees it, he himself will chargeback the payment.


    Goods/Service Payments

    Most gold sellers use the goods/service payment method to make payments, and this is because they do not want to pay fees. While most are trusted anyway, people that chargeback use this method as it only takes a few seconds. The goods/service method is ONLY meant to be used when purchasing or sending IRL goods to someone. If you can't provide proof through a receipt or postage number that you have sent the goods to the user, he will easily be able to chargeback the payment as there is no proof that you have even sent anything. Even if you have screenshots of the trade, Paypal will ALWAYS take the buyers side and chargeback the buyer. Paypal usually takes the buyers side when it comes to virtual trades.


    How can I prevent a chargeback?

    Here, I will give you the best methods to prevent a chargeback.

    1. ID Verification



    This is the first step you should take in every transaction. You need to tell them to email you through the PAYPAL EMAIL a picture of their ID. Student ID, Drivers license, or anything that will show that it is their Paypal. Just make sure that the ID matches the name on Paypal. Use Skype screenshare so you can see the paypal clearly. DO NOT let them send you a picture of their monitor.



    2. Paypal Balance



    YOU MUST make sure that the user pays you through Paypal balance. If their method of payment is through bank/card funded they are likely scamming you. Screenshare them and make sure that they have enough balance on their account to cover the fees.



    3. Gift Payments



    Any payment you receive should be sent to you through gift payments. Gift (aka Family and Friends) Payments ensure that the user cannot file a complaint to paypal saying they did not receive annything, since it was sent by them as a gift. Gift payments are not covered by the Paypal Buyer Protection, which means that buyers cannot chargeback payments made to you with this method.



    4. VPN/VPS



    For the last method, you are going to find out if the buyer is using his real IP or if he is on a VPN. To do this, there is a very good website that detects if a user is using a VPN or not: http://www.blockscript.com/This site is what most people use to verify if a user is using a VPN or not. Make the user go on that site through screenshare, if he is using a VPN you will see this



    If he or she is not using a VPN, the site will load up normally.



    How to Spot Scammers

    There is not any real ways to spot a scammer, but there are some ways you can tell if someone is trying to scam you.


    First, you can start by looking at the threads they have created, if any at all. Most of them are buying gold at extremely high prices, and they will only pay with paypal. This DOES NOT mean that they are 100% scammers, but there is a high chance that they are.


    Second, DO NOT rush trades, and always make sure you are comfortable trading with who you are trading with.


    Using a middleman will NOT prevent you from being scammed when using paypal, as he does not take the paypal money. The middleman will take the gold and the buyer will send you the money on paypal, and after that the middleman gives him the gold. That means that the buyer can chargeback after the middleman gives him the gold.


    With some people, they use the same skype multiple times, to check if they have scammed on that skype before you can go to their thread and where it shows their skype, you can right click it and click "Search google for Skype: shadygoldbuyer12" and if you see scam reports, chances are he is trying to scam you.







    Thank you for taking the time to read my guide, and good luck with your trades. If you have any questions or concerns feel free to message me about them on here or on skype. My only skype is Khaleesifanboy69, anyone else with my name is an imposter. If this has helped you please consider clicking the +1 button under this thread ^_^


    I may add more to this thread, but please lock it for now.



    credit to bawsz because i copied some shit from his thread


    Please do not copy paste this guide on other communities without my permission.

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