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    I tried asking Hashtag this question on discord but he gave me a cold reply. I get that you have a lot going on with the promotion but Nezz never acted like that and you've always been difficult to get a response from. Recently, I havent felt as happy with DB compared to when I first arrived over a year ago but I hope things can turn around for the better soon...


    As for my question. I'm working on an account manager script which will allow users to run any script side by side this one to automate their bot farms. The script will have these features:

    - Auto Verifying Emails
    - Auto Unlocking
    - Saving farm data to local json file
    - Handling Auto Logins after changing the password (required after unlocking an account)

    In order to use the email, the GUI will prompt for the IMAP login details to communicate with the email server. Now I dont see this in any way being harmless but Hashtag thought it would be, literally 5 seconds after he sent me a message I replied back and he ignored me, again, after I sent him a message 5 days ago. Now this isnt me trying to bash at Hash, I get he's busy now, and maybe I should've posted here a while ago, but the precedent was Nezz being very communicative with users and seeing Hashtag do the opposite gives off a bad taste. Feels as if we lost something that we had for a while.




    Now, im not sure of my original message is determined to be unacceptable, as several tutorial island scripts use some sort of browser automation to create accounts. If the email communication is the problem, I'd be curious what I can do to work around that, although I dont see how this would be the case



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    My apologies if my response felt cold. I brought your inquiry up in the staff chat where responses where mostly negative. The staff team finds it to be possible a security risk. Because of how late it was for me at the time of responding to you, I basically summed up the responses and went to bed.

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    Besides the API's required for you to do it (which we're not going to go through large API's)

    There's too much information going through the script, through too many areas for us to be able to confidently say we know 100% what you're doing with that data.


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