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Banker - (Buggy script, doesn't do the job)

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I have recently bought a script from banker, and he gave me the script (doesn't even work the main function of what it's supposed to do ) and now he doesn't come online and ignores me. How do I proceed about this? I want what I paid for.  I can provide all the proof needed.

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Could you provide these details for us, preferably proven by screenshots:

- When the transaction happened (both the money and the script)
- How much was paid
- When you last had contact with him
- What bugs does the script contain

@Banker, feel free to address the situation. Failing to reply in a timely manner will have your account put under TWC at first, and eventually banned if this does not get resolved.

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- When the transaction happened (both the money and the script): Wednesday 06/02/2019
- How much was paid: $50
- When you last had contact with him: Thursday
- What bugs does the script contain: It was a PM bot. Basically 75% of the time, it adds people, waits a few seconds, and deletes them. It doesn't even pm them. And if it does, it only does it 1/4th of the time the people are actually found to be online.


A short gif demonstrating this. https://gyazo.com/5a5a692865f96421f8163887b4f1d8a8

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Can confirm this script does have an issue with the current way of detecting online players, which I am working to improve.


I already removed $35 from the initial price of the script because of this undetected bug after delivery (initial price $85).


I have not been ignoring anyone, I work a 9-5 and return home (5-6 hour drive) every other weekend, if absolutely necessary I can provide evidence. I have not replied to the message as I am at home with family for the weekend and will return Sunday evening to deal with such things.


At no point in time have I refused to fix this or denied it’s existance, I have already supplied one attempt at fixing the issue which evidently hasn’t worked. I will be fixing this issue, however I am without any means to do so until I return to my own home Sunday.

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For future reference, private script disputes are not entirely within our area of handling. They're not directly "supported" by us.

You're free to leave feedback on his profile that reflects your experience with banker, though. As it seems he's aware of the issues, you'll just have to wait for him to fix the script. You could also just give the src to another scripter and pay them to fix it.

You should also discuss things like this with the scripters you purchase scripts from, things like how available they will be, how quickly they would be able to fix any bugs.

I'll be closing the dispute anyway.

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