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[OSRS] My Boring Journey to Max

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Hey y'all, i've recently been tempted back to OSRS by a friend of mine after a 12 year hiatus and decided to document my progress here. My first account got banned before it was even 24 hours old (I got greedy with that dang chicken killer!) so I've decided to do this new account legit with the exception of Ballers GE Flipper once I've hit certain goals.

Keep me company by joining ShiftyShacks clan chat!


Day 1 Goal - 100 Total Level

For my first goal I will be focusing on fishing & cooking, probably the easiest stats to level as there isn't any hard work involved right out the gate. Will update this with a cool little pic once I hit 100 Total Level!

So I quickly realized that a goal of 100 total level was incredibly easy to do within a few hours so I kept working on it throughout the day, below is the progress from the end of Day 1, bearing in mind I have bought membership and sold 1 bond to get my flipping & prayer started.


Day 2 Goal - 500 Total Level

So far I'm really enjoying being back to the game, I will probably shoot for 30/30/30 of attack, strength & defense before I level anything else up. Will update with a pic once I reach the goal!

I didn't realize how fun questing was going to be when I started Day 2, so I got a little side-tracked and missed my Total Level goal....On the positive side I completed every Free Quest in 1 day! So hyped! Here's a couple of pics..



I'm soooo happy to be finally getting somewhere with this!

Day 3 Goal - 500 Total Level & 100 Quest Points

This is going to be a stretch, but after yesterdays success I think 100 Quest Points will be easy to accomplish! Might shoot for 50/50/50 att,str,def while I'm at it. Hope y'all are enjoying so far!

Update: So I quickly realized that 100 quest points was going to be impossible due to the various stat requirements of the majority of the Members quests.. :( I did manage to do a few though and will keep the quests updated at the bottom of the page from now on! On a lighter note I got a lot done on the skills side of things (including 50 Magic wooo!)


Day 4 Goal - 650 Total Level

I'm not going to lie to y'all, I think this goal is far too easy. However I'm going to be focusing on getting 50 in most skills today (Missing out Construction, Hunter, Farming & Herblore) as they will take some prep time and right now I want to focus on getting combat up. If I manage to complete this early I'll shoot for 60 attack while I'm at it. Hope y'all are enjoying my struggles! Its been a blast so far!

Update! (Sorry its late I think the forums have been having some issues): 

So I didn't manage to get many skills to 50 but I'm still making good progress on the overall Total Level!

Day 5 Goal - 800 Total Level!
So I will be shooting for 50 Woodcutting and Firemaking today, maybe Fletching if I have time. Another skill I want to work on today is Ranged, I'll be aiming for 30-40 Ranged once the other skills are done!

Managed to hit all targets for the day's goal!! Hyped to start the real grind soon. Will update with the new days goal once I wake up. Roll on the weekend grind!

Day 6 Goal - 900 Total Level
Today's goal will be a little tricky as I'm going to focus solely on getting my Melee & Ranged up, I want at least 55 in Melee and 50 Ranged so we'll see how this goes, Quest have been updated, closing in on 100 Quest Points! Check back later for a pic!

Didn't make the goal of 900, or the goal of 55/55/55 combat stats. Grinding out those defense levels burned me out, I killed over 3k Hill Giants. Sad but I'll just have to work harder today!

Day 7 Goal - 900 Total Level
Same Goal as yesterday, but today will be spent getting attack to 60, thats over 1k Hill Giants! 😧 Should take me 3-4 hours so if I have time I'll even out Fishing & Herblore to 50.
Phew that was a hard grind! Missed out on the 900 total level but I'm over the moon at the progress of my combat stats! 16 levels in total boosting me up to 71 Combat Level! So so happy!

Day 8 Goal - 100 Quest Points
Today's goal will be 100 Quest Points, thats only 18! I'm excited to get this done as the rewards will probably boost me to 900 Total Level while I'm at it! As always check below for the Quest list! Will update with a pic when its complete!
Boom! Got 902 Total Level once I hit 100 Quest Points! (Shades of Mor'ton is unbelievably frustrating!!) Will update with a new goal when I wake up, time for some well earned rest!

Day 9 Goal - 50 Mining, Smithing & Herblore
I don't have as much time today as I'll be watching the WC2018 Semi-Final later on so today will be a chill day. If I get the goal complete fast then I'll try grinding thieving. Maybe I'll hit 1k Total Level, fingers crossed! As always pic will follow once its complete :D
So I didn't manage to get to 50 Mining & Smithing, it just takes too long and I ran out of time! Relatively happy with the skills that I did increase though.

Day 10 Goal - 50 Smithing & Fishing
Time constraints will hit again today as the other Semi-Final is on. I'll do my best to hit these two skills and if there's time I'll try and get Mining up as far as I can. Also I've just created an Ultimate Iron Man so that should be great fun to work on while I afk fishing/smithing! Pic at the end of the day :D


Day 11 Goal - 50 Thieving
Decided to go for a short goal today due to OSRS being down most of the day. Time constraints are a pain but I should be able to get this done and gain access to the rogue's den game. Update to follow :D
I don't like making excuses but I feel this one is worthy. I decided to quest to get to 50 thieving and ended up on Icthlarin's Little Helper.....yeah I nearly quit trying to complete that! So thats one quest that will never get complete but I shall come back to thieving soon!

Day 12 Goal - 50 Runecrafting
I may do the ZMI method of training today, but that would require quite a bit of work so for now I'll stick with the normal route. If that gets done I'll work on some Farming.
So I kinda got side-tracked and did a few quests then started grinding Range...I'll come back to Runecrafting, its just slow :D

Day 13 Goal - 60 Ranged
Today I'll just be grinding Ranged through Catacombs of Kourend and maybe a few Pest Control runs, looking at getting Void soon.
Good to finally complete a goal for once no matter how easy it was :P

Day 14 Goal - 50 Thieving & 60 Magic
Today I'll be going for 50 Thieving, I'll be high alching at the same time to get my magic up. Should be fun!
Boom! I love it when I complete a goal, gives me extra motivation to continue to do well!

Day 15 Goal - 1100 Total Level
Next Total Level Goal is upon us! This should be a good day.
Boom another day, another goal complete! Getting back into the swing of things now :D

Day 16 Goal - 50 Mining & 60 Defense
Today's task is simple enough, just going to be a grind! Lets do it!
Boom! Excited to keep this going!

Day 17 Goal - 53 Fishing & Complete Heroes' Quest
Gone for something a bit different today to keep myself entertained, need 53 Fishing to start Heroes' Quest so that will be the priority before completing it!
Woop that took longer than I care to admit!

Day 18 Goal - 50 Agility
Agility is probably the most important skill to level up at this time in my accounts life due to the numerous quests that require you to have good Agility.
This should be the best grind to date!


Day 19 Goal - 150 Quest Points
If I get this done, the final stretch towards Recipe for Disaster will be here!
Boom! Only need 23 more Quest Points and I'll be able to complete RFD!

Day 20 Goal - 175 Quest Points
This will be a tough one to complete in a day, but I did complete all 42 Q Points worth of quests in a single day (See Day 2)


Quest Progress

Questing will be neglected for the time being so that I can work on getting the stats to the correct level!

Quest Points:


Free Quests:


Member Quests:

Fishing Contest
Gertrude's Cat
The Grand Tree
Merlin's Crystal
The Tourist Trap

Animal Magnetism
Death Plateau
The Dig Site
Druidic Ritual
Priest in Peril
Waterfall Quest
Dwarf Cannon
Lost City
A Soul's Bane
Witch's House
The Fremmenik Trials
The Lost Tribe
Tree Gnome Village
Big Chompy Bird Hunting
The Golem
Making History
Nature Spirit
Plague City
Shades of Mor'ton
Shadow of the Storm
Sheep Herder
Tears of Guthix
Death to the Dorgeshuun
Bone Voyage
The Eyes of Glouphrie
Hazeel Cult
Client of Kourend
Fairytale Part 1 - Growing Pains
Fight Arena
The Feud
Icthlarin's Little Helper
Jungle Potion
Temple of Ikov
Creature of Fenkenstrain
Throne of Miscellania
Heroes' Quest!
Legends Quest!
Underground Pass
Troll Stronghold
Shilo Village
Murder Mystery
Holy Grail
Monkey Madness Part 1
Monk's Friend
Family Crest


Edited by ShiftyShafts

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13 minutes ago, Drunkpimp said:

Damn, looks like you got stats up pretty quick! How much did you make flipping?

Haven't started yet, I'm scared to use the script on this account in case it gets banned. I'll probably just use ge-tracker and do it the hard way once I have gotten to the point where I can do boss runs, affording the perfect gear will require a few days of flipping I'm sure!

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9 hours ago, ShiftyShafts said:

Haven't started yet, I'm scared to use the script on this account in case it gets banned. I'll probably just use ge-tracker and do it the hard way once I have gotten to the point where I can do boss runs, affording the perfect gear will require a few days of flipping I'm sure!

Ah, gotcha. You could always flip enough to get a bond for another account, and mule to it and flip on that! I hope I'm not bothering you with too many questions, but how did you get your melee and mage up so quick, as well as prayer? I feel like it took me ages longer haha, I guess I am a noob ;)

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