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    Since I received my TWC for associating with banned users, I think it would be fair for others who are doing the same to receive this title.


    Namely, zScorpio, I have no personal issues with this user but i think it would be unfair for me to receive the title for doing this without him also getting it for this reason.


    Evidence: https://gyazo.com/afb0fea16749ee2942d7f1132d7a0b2b


    I was invited to this discord by Trump, noticed that founding members included Almonds, banned for potential scamming? can't exactly remember but was to do with shady practices with accounts.


    McPker, I believe was banned for other reasons but claims have been made that he was accused of scamming via private script sales.


    - Banker

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    Okay so from the responses from ZScorpio on this, which was to advertise his site in a dispute that clearly is stating he's being sketchy in his involvement with members (80% of his discord is banned members) shows us that he has no intention of trying to defend himself or the situation.

    After consultation, we've concluded that this is just as sketchy of a situation as Banker's, and ZScorpio's rank will reflect just that.


    I don't understand why people are suddenly so interested in being so heavily involved with people who are banned for scamming, lying, attempting to manipulate staff, or just overall being really fuckin sketchy people.

    You should all be aware that this is not okay. The fact that I have to point that out is ridiculous.


    If your business is involved with people who have scammed, then we are going to treat your service the same as if it was that person themselves doing the service.

    I would not give my account to a fire cape service if the owner told me "btw this guy who scammed 13 fire cape accounts is going to be on your account to do it"





    From this point forward, ZScorpio, your site will not be tolerated to be advertised here in any way.

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