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Nuclear Nezz

Dev Blog #9

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Hello everyone and welcome to dev blog #9 :')


Just got through with another meeting with the devs, and I'm here to tell you what our plans/projects are :D


I realize our last few dev blogs have pretty much been the same thing "working on updater, walking, and interactions"
This week's is preeeetty similar.


I'll admit, we've been a bit disorganized lately with all the API changes and rewrites of certain sections in the client. Because of this, our progress on our projects has been less than ideal.

So this week we plan on changing our strategy of how we're tackling them.

Before we were assigning each of us to a section, which led to confusion as to who was doing what where, and why are these things changing?

So, to prevent that this week we're going to all focus on one project at a time.



I'm happy to say that interactions are nearly finished. The restructuring is completely done, we're just finishing up on rewriting some of the interactions to make it overall simpler and easier to debug the code itself. @Pandemic will be finishing those up first.


Noto and I will be focusing on the updater until Pan finishes up with interactions, then he'll be joining us.

The updater is getting really close to finished.


After the updater we're going to pound through walking.


Chris will be working on testing all of the API changes we've made to make sure everything is stable for our public release (which should be in a day or two, now that we've given scripters a chance to update their scripts)


Eric will be working on finishing the SDN and moving on to finishing up the client controller that Th3 had started.

One we finish up with the updater, he'll be working on making it run automatically when RS updates.


So these are our plans for this week. If you have any questions, suggestions, or criticisms please feel free to post here. :)


Thanks as always,

The Dream Team

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