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  • [Ban Appeal] - Almonds


    Community opinion (anonymous)   

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    1. 1. Do you think almonds unban request should be accepted?

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    Who banned you:





    Why were you banned:


         I was first banned on Sythe for selling stolen/cracked accounts in a private discord that I have since resigned from. I was secondly banned on Dreambot after my ban on Sythe was reported on DreamBot.
         After the report was made, a user contacted me and was interested in the market place I was in, and said he was referred by a friend. After exchanging words with the user, I invited him to the market place that he initially contacted me asking about. I explained to him my services and that the market place contained cracked, and or "hacked" accounts. The user- then took images of our personal messages, and images of the market place and uploaded them on the thread. The thread progressed as I defended myself in a manner that wasn't great on my behalf. I didn't clearly explain the accusations that had been made and defended myself in a strong manner against an individual who said something on the thread. I was ultimately letting my opinion and skeptical outlook influence my response. I clearly defended what I did, instead of accepting the mistakes that were made, if any on my part to that individual- and anyone else who feels as if I have done them wrong in any way. Private evidence was then submitted, and ultimately the decision from Nezz was to ban me. My actions had resulted in a dispute, and complaints were made from users and I was banned. I had also attempted to influence my own dispute, and was attracting members from Dreambot into my market place.

    (I also brought some members to dreambot, always suggested it when people joined from other various communities)
    As Nezz said to me, " it was one of those, pigs get fed, hogs get slaughtered situations"
    The initial report thread here - https://dreambot.org/forums/index.php/topic/12178-almonds/
    You can see the images posted on my original dispute here - https://imgur.com/a/LTNov
    and my pardon request on Sythe - https://www.sythe.org/threads/paradigm_mind-aka-almonds-requesting-pardon-for-selling-hacked-stolen-accounts/


    As for my recent dispute by @Stan (here) it was a confusion on his behalf, and was a mistake. I contacted him and offered him 10M, because I was reselling the accounts- so there was a risk factor, but an hour later he contradicted himself after realizing that they were not my accounts that were being compromised. 

    Why you feel as if you should be unbanned:

    I completely understand why I was banned, and believe I have taken measures to further myself to make an appeal to try to get unbanned on DreamBot. I have since resigned from the market place, and have disbanded access to all of the spreadsheets, and am no longer affiliated with the market place and or the members in association with selling the accounts. I resigned the day after my ban on DreamBot with a detailed explanation of why I was resigning. I then attempted to request a pardon on Sythe. I am requesting that I be unbanned under certain conditions to fairly show justice to the users who have complained and reported me, and to show remorse for my actions. I have taken the time to fully understand the reasons for being banned, and will take further steps to make my actions more professional on my behalf, and to better understand accusations made against me before responding. I have taken actions to avoid any other further disputes regarding the selling of hacked/cracked accounts and hope that I have taken ample steps proving worthiness of  an unban.


    Suggestions -

    2 week, or 30 day temporary ban

    Without a doubt- TWC for however long the moderators deem appropriate  

    Banned from selling accounts

    Warning points



    If I still am to be banned, I simply request a DNT title and that my feedback be stripped. So I can still be apart of the community, I truly enjoy helping new members participate and get involved with all of us to create a even better community for the members that join everyday! Not to mention, I enjoy giving scripters feedback, and giving new users tips/guidance. & gold farming, don't forget the gold farming. 



    I want to personally thank you if you have taken the time to read this, and I ask that you PLEASE keep your opinion to yourself and do not post it here! To compromise, have opened a poll for you to vote so you can voice yourself in some manner. This doesn't count or help me in anyway, I simply want to avoid people from voicing their opinions on an appeal that is for the Administrators, and moderators to decide. 


    Thanks everyone for your time,


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    • 2 months later...

    Come speak to me privately to discuss the merits of your appeal. There are a couple of concerns that we need addressed before we can seriously consider the appeal, and many of these topics are better off discussed privately to avoid seeming like I'm publicly shaming or attacking you.

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    • 1 month later...

    After heavy discussion, we've decided that we do agree your activity towards the community was positive, even if your decisions on business were of a very sketchy nature.


    We will unban your account, but you will be placed permanently in TWC.

    You will also not be able to deal in account sales/purchases permanently.

    You will not be able to use the market for 3 months in any way. After those three months you can make an appeal in order to use the market, otherwise your restriction will remain permanent (until you attempt to appeal it)


    You will be given a verbal (0 point) warning that states if you're warned for anything relating middle manning, trading, attempted/threatened scamming, that you will be permanently banned with no chance of appeal.

    Any points of misconduct will be tripled, and you will have no further 0 point warnings.


    The same applies to the chat, should you choose to rejoin it. Be sure you read the rules very carefully, as if you're muted by the bot I will just ban your account in the discord. You will have no warnings on this, other than this post.,

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