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    Antonio Kala: https://dreambot.org/forums/index.php/user/91919-antonio-kala/


    Quit rs, just wanted to sell my gold. guy pms me wanting to buy 300m via pp, i tell him i'll do 2 transactions of 150m since i'm skeptical. I give him 150m first as he has more rep on me on this site. 30 mins after the transaction no payment. 


    Our skype convo: 







    confirmation of the trade: didn't take a screenshot of the actual trade, sorry



    him pming me asking to buy gold:



    my paypal 30 mins after giving him the gold first, still no payment.



    he initially asked for 200m, but when i told him i wanted 2 transactions, he asked for 300m which was the big give away that he was a scammer, but i was too greedy to get rid of my gold.


    this guy apparently also has no negative feedback on another botting website which i will also open a dispute there. 

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    That's not my skype as my skype was never hacked and neither were my emails. My skype is "rob.vc" it shows in my banner.



    I think that what happened was that the vps I bought from cheapestvps even though I changed my password, he was still able to access it and thus get my password from the batchfile on the desktop.

    The vps went offline on friday as well as @zcorpio's vpses and thus idk how he got access to the vps. (he was hosting it). Maybe someone more knowledgeable could explain if it's possible to access a vps even though the person changes the admin password. (Trump says it is).

    Only my osbot and dreambot accounts were hacked as they were accessible since I use quickstart/cli and thus it's visible in my batch file I use to bot on the desktop.




    With that said cheapestvps said he would refund $45 on monday and I haven't seen him since last friday.


    Can a mod please check if the person who signed into my account was from los angeles/chicago? That's where that cheapest vps guy said he's from I think.

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    I believe Antonio should be help responsible for the acts that occurred on his account.

    So Antonio, you need to pay creatineuser back the 150m that he was scammed.


    You guys should discuss how this should be repaid, and if you are unable to come to a decision then I will come to one for you.

    If Antonio should refuse to repay the amount, then he will be banned and will be unable to rejoin the community until the amount is paid back.

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