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  • refund for item mixer and #1 shopping


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     Script purchased: #1 shopping,  item mixer 

    2. Date of purchase:8/13/17

    3. Detailed description of problem:  first with item mixer, it always takes 20 items out of my bank when i have it set for 9. the #1 shopping script always logs me out. (yes i have it on fixed mode and the mouse set to default)

    ​4. Proof of attempted scripter contact (screenshots only): I've made multiple post about these issues and the owner of the scripts did reply and try to help me fix it but we could just not get it to work.. (AKA... HASHTAG)

    5. Proof of script issue(s) (screenshot/gif/video):

    6. Desired outcome: Problem(s) fixed / Refund / Script swap (from same scripter)     I would a full refund sent to my card please as I will probably buy scripts from someone else.


    From now on I am going to ask for a trial of the script before purchasing so this problem will not happen again.  I am just asking for a refund for this time thank you :)


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    You get logged out because you're hopping too often. You're able to increase the delay between world hops in the gui. And for it to be able to log you back in you must save your account's login details in the client and select the account when starting the script.

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    I can approve the request for Item Mixer AIO but not for #1Shopping. That is clearly user not understanding the game & options the script has to offer.

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