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    Hi yall, I'm Hammy. I used to be real into OSRS back in pretty much 06-11, Went on to Warcraft and sold my soul to blizzard. But frankly the game has turned to shit.

    So i came back to the OSRS world, hung out at PowerBot or w/e it's called nowadays, ya..that community sucks ass. and Sythe is garbage now smh, miss the glory days.

    From what I can see ya'll have a pretty decent community here so i'd figured that i would hop on the band wagon, I've tested out a couple of your scripts here, fyi your pretty much the only community with a RELIABLE wine script and a cannon clicker script, lol and thats how i found this DreamBot.



    Little about myself:

    Was a Moderator for:


    (Warcraft Bots)

    • WowGlider
    • MmoGlider
    • PiroxBots
    • Honorbuddy

    (Runescape Bots)

    • Talkgeek (Used to go by the handle "Snow")
    • Autofighter (When It was in it's prime as a Customer Rep)
    • Fagex.net
    • Kwickfix

    I just cant find it in myself to play Warcraft anymore.

    I'm 25, and pretty much play to bot. lol. Getting back into the swing of things, anyone know a decent clan that IS NOT "osrs fb" I'm perm banned from them for calling some kid a faggot...and then calling the kid who came to his defense a faggot. so ya... whats up with them clans people!

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    Just some rockin tits, hanging out in a gif avatar folder on a hdd, seemed like they deserved to be put to use.

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    I'd remove the .org etc from the links b4 comes along and has to remove it and warn for advertising (idk)


    But welcome back  :P

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    Already got warned about a NSFW avatar lmfao what the fuck ever, back to leeching, good knowing you guys. haha


    EDIT: nothing to advertise its been 7 years and they are all dead sites, but eh w/e lmao. not even hyperlinked haha.


    EDIT # Fuckin 2:

    Apparently it was offensive because the mod Lily is a chick and my avatar was a chick grabbing her tits. *shrug* damn liberals.

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