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    Donald Trump

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    ~ Read the post twice before doing anything ~


    Vs Dreamlickers Script

    1. His is not secure by default, the VNC password is maxed at 8 characters and is not bound to -localhost = can be brute forced.
    2. Doesn't check for HTTPS certificate from Oracle site. Makes MITM attacks possible (unlikely to happen)


    ~ Ubuntu 16.04 and above
    ~ Secure VNC (bounded to -localhost)
    ~ Oracle Java 8 via webupd8team/java
    ~ Operates VNC via non-root user

    ~ Installs Fail2Ban (Anti Brute-Forcer)
    ~ Password Generator (HERE)

    ~ PuTTY (Windows SSH Client) (HERE)

    ~ TightVNC (Windows VNC Client) (HERE)

    ~ DigitalOcean IPTables Guide

    ^ It's highly recommended you visit VirusTotal before opening any files on your operating system. Just scan the files you downloaded to ensure they're legit according to 30+ anti virus companies, the older they're in the VT the more legit they are. If it's brand new then I would just download an older more proven version if possible.



    ~ SSH into your server via root (if root not available do sudo su as the other user)

    ~ Paste "nano vnc-setup.sh"

    ~ Paste the code from https://github.com/DonaldTrumpDB/DreamBot-Ubuntu-Setup-Script

    ~ Press CTRL+O (save) then enter then CTRL+X (exit)

    ~ Paste "chmod +x vnc-setup.sh"

    ~ Paste "./vnc-setup.sh"

    ~ Paste "nano ~/vncpasswd" to get vnc password.



    Instructions after VNC-Setup.sh executed:

    1. Locate the Tunnels option in PuTTY

    2. Input "5901" & "localhost:5901" in the main input then press save

    3. Locate the Data option and input the username "user" (default on script)

    4. Now go back to Sessions and input a name then press Save


    Once you've done the above you can simply load the profile and press open then you right click to paste (its invisible) the password and then press enter. Now you've established a secure ssh connection for the VNC. Now open the vnc client and input localhost:5901 and then past the vnc password....DONE!


    Possible Future Guides:

    ~ Setting up Automated Farm via Account List & Bash Scripting

    ~ Guide to Purchasing a Dedicated Server

    ~ The Anti-Scamming Guide

    - If you want any of them guides stated above then reply below and the most demanded one will be made next!




    ~ Any Questions? Just reply below! ~

    ^ Don't add me on Skype/Discord for help ^

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    brute force.. lol, just change port to :69 (or what ever number you want) and no one will brute force u ever.


    Regardless what you think of that it's irrelevant because having proper security out the box is essential. The moment you get hacked or whatever due to being lazy with the security then that's when you'll change your mind. Security is not through obscurity.

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    brute force.. lol, just change port to :69 (or what ever number you want) and no one will brute force u ever.

    Never heard of a port scanner?

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    Are there any VPS you guys would recommend?

    There are so many to choose from, I'm in a daze trying to figure out which one to go with.. and any recommendations I find on google, just seem like more advertisements, etc..

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