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    In this bread I'll detail my progress & how I got here.


    June 5th:

    Account survived 7+ hr fishing session, currently training WC at draynor willows.



    June 09:

    Boosted crafting manually, botting magic trees for $ now, got enough for another bond. Experimenting with various break settings.. had good luck with

    60 min on/ 20 min off =)



    June 14th:

    Took some breaks with family visiting, however, the farm is eternal, latest:


    ^Cooked 3k shrimp for ~30kph cooking xp at Al Kharid, then went back to magics.. thinking of VIDEO SERIES...coming soon.



    **WELCOME BACK :D** June 22nd:

    - After a temporary break from botting, I'm back.. stronger than ever =)

    I mined iron 16 hours (1 hour breaks, every 1.5 hours ;))

    Still unbanned, ran quester bot, got 25 f2p quests done (PM me for script name)

    & Bot 3k monkfish in Catherby rounding my account off to 70 cooking.


    Currently fly fishing for 99 fish at barb village!


    Current goals....

    99 WC/Cooking/Fishing.








    I run scipts for 1-4 hours typically, logout for a few hours, then run another scipt.

    JDV WC > 3 hr break > Roka Cow Killer > 2 hr break > JDV/Roka again.


    Biggest thing, don't stay in one location for too long. ie. Powerchopping can be riskier than banking, because there is more dynamic actions involved with banking than simply powerchopping. (Yet Powerchopping could dodge player reports due to being able to chop in remote locations.).. your call. I tend to powerchop for shorter intervals than I bank/chop.


    A Healthy range for botting per session is 1-3 hr(s).:


    ^This tells me that we should break every 1-2.5 hours, to prevent a complete mouse-movement profile from being generated on our accounts.


    Scripts Used:


    Roka Cow Killer

    Fish Lick

    JDV Woodcutting

    Franjeys AIO Firemaker

    Ganja Miner/QMiner


    *If anybody would like to know where I bot/run these scripts, or would like botting advice in general (been botting 7+ years){Scripting for ~1}, shoot me a PM =-)


    Ty all <3

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    How long did it take, how many hours did you bot per day?

    This account is a month or so old, started as a willow powerchopper, turned into a main <3

    I average 2-8 hr per day, in ~3 hr sessions.


    Dead on Monday?

    Nope, still going =)

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