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Found 6 results

  1. Manly Cannonballs Features: Flawless & fast ~2.1K cannonballs smithed per hour Updated for make-all interface Informative paint (Profit on the paint is actually revenue) Currently only smiths at Edgeville furnace Instructions: Make sure you have steel bars in your bank. Have an ammo mould in your inventory. Select 'All' in the interface which pops up when you use the bar on the furnace. Start the script. It will keep going until it runs out of bars or until you stop it. It will logout once the supplies have finished. Progress Reports: Trials: Upvote the post, post requesting a trial and I'll grant you one as soon as I see your request. Price: $3.99 Purchase here:
  2. In an attempt to make safer scripts, I built this Mining+Smithing script that: Mines in Varrock East; Mines Tin/Copper Ore if your smithing level is under 15, trying to have the same amount of Tin and Copper so no waste is generated; Mines Iron Ore if your smithing level is above 15 with a sick logic, hope you guys like it; Smelts the ores in Edgeville; Green bar shows the progression towards the goal. Reqs: One pickaxe equipped or at the bank; Start near Varrock. Antiban features: Automatically changes mined ore when Smithing is above 15 (required to smelt iron ore); Goes to Edgeville when ores are above value entered on start; Random timing for actions (obviously); World hopping after at least 15 minutes online and if there are more than 2 players around; Randomly sleeps for 1 to 4 minutes every 20 minutes; Please try to use this script for 4 hours or less. Gallery: Version 3.0: GUI Please feel free to post your progress with the script. Don't forget to react or leave your feedback. UPDATE STATUS: Live 2020/may/21
  3. Purchase using PayPal, OSRS GOLD, CRYPTO or OTHER To get a free 24 hour trial: REACT to this post by liking or upvoting POST "I reacted, can I have a trial?" I will then reply to you once the trial is given! Features Supports all bars except bronze bars Pays fee every 10 minutes when under 60 smithing Supports cooling down smelted bars with bucket of water or ice gloves Supports stamina potions to boost run energy Supports coal bag to carry twice as much coal Stops when out of ores or coffer is empty Supports DreamBot's QuickStart Cool dynamic signature 16/7 customer support Requirements Started the quest The Giant Dwarf (No requirements to start the quest) Atleast 15 smithing (Optional: You get smithing level to 29 when you finish The Knight's Sword) You must have coins in the coffer before starting the script. It will logout once you have no coins in the coffer. It consumes 72k/hour, so this way you can determine how long you want the script to run. Gallery @TheMcPker @Farquaad @Hashtag @Hashtag Blast Furnace guide QuickStart To get a free 24 hour trial: REACT to this post by liking or upvoting POST "I reacted, can I have a trial?" I will then reply to you once the trial is given!
  4. Latest update: 27th of March, 2020 Features: Melts every Steel bar into 4 Cannonballs at Edgeville. P2P money making method. Profit per hour: Input 525 x Steel bars = 205,275 gp Output 2,100 x Cannonballs = 424,200 gp + 218,925 gp and + 13,440 exp Instructions: Have Dwarf Cannon quest completed. Have level 35 Smithing. Have Ammo mould in inventory. Have rest of the invetory filled with Steel bars. Do not set bank placeholders for items used in this method. Have Accept Aid off. Gallery: Other: Feel free to give the script a rating on the store. It might even encourage me to give you something back. You may also post a proggy to the thread. If you have any suggestions regarding the script, please let me know. Upvote the thread and comment for a trial. Add me on Discord if you encounter any problems with the script. I will never message you first.
  5. Manly Smither Features: Incredibly fast, utilising keyboard shortcuts where possible with the new 'Make-All' interface. All possible methods to gain xp/make money via smithing. Smelts all bars at a furnace Smiths all possible items at an anvil. Stops when out of input material(s). Instructions: Select the mode you want to use (either smithing or smelting) Select the bar required Select the finished product if you are smithing Select the location to smith/smelt at Press the start button Notes: When selecting the 'OTHER' option for locations, it means that it will only be able to walk to that anvil/furnace if it is nearby. Trials: Upvote the post and request a trial for 24 hours. Price: $7.99 One Time Purchase Purchase Here:
  6. Got a nice script, but its not working for dreambot. Could someone with some exp help me out with this one? Help would be much appreciated!! dm me for details or through discord younie#8121
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