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    1. @notsmile Thank you for the feedback mate, appreciate it
    2. This is a basic fire making script that will check the players inventory and bank for Logs and burn them at the g/e. To get this script to work, all you have to do is make sure you have enough logs either in the bank or inventory and have a tinderbox in the inventory. This script is intended for any newbies that want some ideas on how to put together a basic fire making script. all source code files are here: https://github.com/deepslayer/Firemaking
    3. Hi, I wasn't too sure whether to post this in the Bugs and Errors section or in Suggestions. But Basically this method here : Mouse.moveMouseOutsideScreen(); It always returns a mouse position of -1,-1 when called. However when you genuinely remove the mouse from the screen, it always reads the last position. I don't know if this makes a difference on Jagex's side and what they can see. But it's a small detail that I thought I would bring up. Thanks!
    4. Thanks for the help! Issue has been solved. I have been using this guide to use my widgets: I think it may be out of date because in chapter 2, he explains to use this when using your widgets: if (getWidgets().getWidget(parent).getChild(child) !=null) obviously this syntax didn't work for what I am trying to do. Not sure if I missed something. But using Widgets.getWidgetChild(id's) seems to have fixed this null error when the widget is not found.
    5. if(Widgets.getWidget(446).getChild(35)!=null && Widgets.getWidget(446).getChild(35).isVisible()) { } this will throw an error if it can't find the widget - My thinking is that it should just skip this if statement if it cant find the widget?
    6. Hey RetroBot, Thanks for your reply. I've tried this to check if its visible and != null. It still throws a Null pointer exception if I try to find the widget and it doesn't exist. I'm not sure what the logic is supposed to be
    7. Hi all, How do I avoid getting a null from a widget that isn't there? So what I'm trying to do is check if a window is open. But if the screen that I'm looking for is not open and I go to check if the Widget is not null.. it still throws a null? - because obviously the widget isn't open. if(Widgets.getWidget(number1).getChild(number2)!=null) maybe My logic is wrong? What I'm trying to do is check if a screen is open when it is not open. Does that make sense? I'm looking for a way to do this ^^
    8. This script is designed to take a fresh F2P account that has just completed tutorial island, do the necessary requirements and start smelting gold rings from gold bars at Edgeville furnace. The script is a working skeleton at the moment and is far from being "Complete" in terms of improvements and efficiencies but I just wanted to post this to share for now. Link to source code and Jar files here: https://github.com/deepslayer/Fresh2GoldRings Added some variance to the smelting and banking methods Added some variance in delays Added simple Paint for user info
    9. Hey yeeter, Thanks for the recommendation I actually do want to get into working with the taskscript system as the scripts that I write formyself are quite long. I don't quite understand it yet but I will have a look at your link when I get more time again. Thanks!
    10. Here's a simple chicken killer script I made to share. I know there are a tonne of these but I wanted to see if I could make a script without using any loops therefore only relying on the main onLoop method. Any and all feedback welcome, Thanks! Note: it's a range only script, you just need to equip a bow and iron arrows (specifically iron arrows). file download is: https://github.com/deepslayer/Dreambot/blob/main/SimpleRangeChickenKiller.jar Source code below: package Fighter; import org.dreambot.api.methods.Calculations; import org.dreambot.api.methods.container.i
    11. It makes sense, I think I have to think about what current state the player is in, regards to the whole task. which can be tricky because certain states can be similar and will have to be distinct from one another
    12. Thanks for the feedback Pandemic, In regards to your third point about looping through onLoop as often to let the other pieces of code work outside of onLoop. How would I go about achieving things like walking as I often code them to run through their own loop? will I have to find ways to make the rest of the code return false until a certain condition? is there a general technique that you apply or is there a different structure I should be going about my programming? Thanks mate
    13. This is my first script upload to the community. Any and all feedback are welcome as I don't have any background in scripting or programming! I also hope this can help someone else that is just getting started too! All you have to do is make sure that you have more than 14 Copper ore and 14 Tin ore in the bank and you're good to go. Jar file for download : https://github.com/deepslayer/Dreambot/blob/main/BronzeBarSmelter.jar Source code below: import org.dreambot.api.input.Mouse; import org.dreambot.api.input.event.impl.mouse.impl.click.ClickMode; import org.dreambo
    14. Hey Zawy great script! Just thought I'd give you a heads up, when selecting the cooking script. The walker doesn't seem to have any variance in the time between clicks on the map when it walks. not sure if that was intended.
    15. Hey FoolsPower, Just wondering if your account(s) that you will be using on Dark Wizards are low level because the level 20 Wizards will aggro a lower level account anyways. how do you mean for your request exactly?
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