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Found 19 results

  1. Purchase using PayPal, OSRS GOLD, CRYPTO or OTHER DISCORD SUPPORT SERVER What does it do? This script is capable of mixing (almost) any two items together. What are good items? Such as Pizzas, Goat horns or Chocolate bars. There are many mixable items that make good money! Can it do Fletching? Yes it can! It can also cut uncut gems for example. How do I use it? When you start the script it will start recording your actions. While it is recording you are supposed to mix the items manually once so the script knows what to do. After the script is happy enough, it will start automating the process and stop recording your actions. Instructions are also shown when you start the script. It does not mix my items properly =( Contact me if that happens and I will sort the problem out with you! I am happy to modify the script when needed! I want a trial! I know you do! Upvote/like this thread and reply to this thread and I will grant you access to the 24 hour trial!
  2. Hello all, I wrote this script with the intentions of providing a way to not only earn those annoying thieving levels quickly, but also to earn GP through herb collection! Features: -AIO Sorceress' Garden script -All gardens supported -Fruit and herbs -Banking and exchanging -Stamina potion support, script sleeps while energy is low if not using stamina (see planned features) -Nearly flawless garden logic -Autumn and Summer gardens automatically drop low herbs -Antiban features throughout script -Automatically detects pestle and mortar, and withdraws one from bank if necessary (Fruit method) -Automatically collects the appropriate amount of beer glasses (Fruit method) Planned Features: -Walking support in Summer garden -Earnings information in paint (herb method) -Add option to ignore success rate for bot farms -Add option to bank low herbs instead of dropping them How to run: Start in Al-Kharid with a pestle and mortar in your inventory (if doing fruits), and stamina potions if you choose to (running script without stamina potions is NOT recommended!), then select your garden and method options, and click "save settings", then start! Note: If you don't disable random solvers, the client will dismiss randoms in the maze causing you to get caught by elementals. Next time you run the script, simply click "load settings", then start. Status: Up to date (v1.5) Purchase here: $7.99 - No monthly fees! Ask for a trial if you'd like to try the script! Thanks! Known bugs: - None If you are having any issues, make sure your client is set on default zoom. Otherwise, please post on this thread, and any issues that arise will be fixed swiftly. Changelog: v1.0: Premium SDN Release v1.1: Script now banks if you run out of stamina potions in the middle of a run Automatically saves new stamina count to settings Fixed debug information before script start, now prints on terminate Script now handles door better Fixed script logging out due to perceived low success rate Tweaked antiban Dwarf weed added to low herb list, will now be dropped in Autumn and Summer gardens Fixed a random NullPointerException Slightly increased distance modifiers on trees (v1.1.1) v1.2: Future-proofed some game-object declarations which used IDs instead of names Script now uses a lighter-weight cursor for slower PCs Tweaked apprentice area Removed farming experience per hour value from paint v1.3: Fixed rare juicer bug where script would not juice squirks because player had more fruits than necessary Added fix to Summer Garden where elementals in last step would be aligned in such a way that made passing them impossible v1.4: Script now opens inventory before attempting to grab beer glasses v1.5: Script now sleeps at fountain when not using stamina potions NOTE: Please verify that you have the latest version by crosschecking the changelog and script paint
  3. Warning: Use this at your own risk. It may lead to loss of GP and/or account bans/mutes. You assume all liability for any losses you may experience because of this script. Also note that a loss of items / accounts is not a valid reason for a refund. Please join my discord if you need any support or would like a trial. https://discord.gg/DGQ4fKA Features SDN Status Live Price: $19.99 Buy Now Change Log
  4. Roma

    Warriors Guild

    WarriorGuildDefender Version 1.1c is now on the SDN! Features Farms defenders (from none to dragon) High level alchemy support Advanced condition based antiban with individual antiban profiles Ability to change the antiban settings Option to farm rune defenders only (for zerks) Buys food and pots from the NPCs in warriors guild Supports all types of armor (black+ recommended, as it does not disappear) Supports most food Ability to select how many tokens to get before entering the cyclopes room Supports attack cape Supports all potions The bot will equip the best defender Supports most special attacks Switches attack styles (toggleable) XP tracker Good XP and GP/hr Requirements Start the script at warriors guild, have nothing in your inventory except for your best defender (if you got one) and tokens (if you got any). The defender can be equipped on start. Make sure you are logged in before starting the script, set the camera zoom to default and disable roofs. You obviously must have the selected armor in your bank to get tokens. Other information The user interface contains a "help" button. Press the button to learn more about the script settings. The antiban status will be displayed in the client console (Tools->debugging->debug console). On start it will print, what parts of the antiban have been enabled for your account based on the settings/profile. Post your proggy and i'll add it to the topic @Loli From no defender to rune (V 1.0): Review by @EdTheGreat To get a 24 hour trial: Upvote this post by clicking the button below Post that you have upvoted You can purchase this script here ($4.99) You can buy this script for OSRS GP by purchasing a voucher. PM @Prime on forums/discord for more information. If you got any suggestions or bug reports please contact me on forums or discord Change log
  5. Lumby onions to bank and back and forth, made for suicide botting mainly. I've tested it for 3 days, no problems. Roughly around 30-50k p/h, F2P script with no requirements at all. Stats logged on screen are: Runtime, Profit in total, Amount of Onions collected.
  6. Instructions: Turn NPC attack option OFF (ingame options->controls->NPC 'Attack' options:Hidden). Turn auto retaliate off. Start the script. Fill the GUI. Profit =]. Features: Supports all 4 spots (Ardougne, Draynor, Varrock). Uses food efficiently (unless your hp lvl is very low and the food heals a high amount of hp). Supports dodgy necklaces. Uses RSBuddy GE, drops seed stacks that are cheaper than the value set in GUI if inventory is full. Escapes combat in Draynor. Hops world if someone lured the wizard into the Draynor bank. GUI will save settings Recommendations: Enable shift dropping (ingame options->controls). Make ESC key close interfaces (ingame options->controls->keybinding). Only run the script at Varrock if your account is high enough lvl to tank the wizards at the Stone circle. Use dodgy necklaces. Use jug of wine it heals 11HP and costs 3GP. QuickStart: GUI: Proggies: ~65 thieving, Draynor 33k xp/hr, 78k gp/hr ~55 thieving, Ardougne 28k xp/hr, 46k gp/hr Changelog
  7. Xephy's Gargoyle Slayer - $4.99 What it does: This script kills gargoyles using the slayer skill's auto rock hammer ability for insane GP/H. - Supports salve graveyard teleport tabs and kharyrll teleport tabs to bank. - Supports SGS spec, Super attack/strengths, Super combats. - Intelligent break handling - Supports Guthans - Supports alching Requirements: - 75 slayer - Decent combat level - Desert treasure completed* (only when using kharyll teleports) - Auto Rock-hammer slayer unlock - Nose peg or Slayer helmet Instructions: - If alching items: Bring sufficient nature & fire runes & ensure that the maximum alch value is over 100k (right click alch button) - If using guthans: Make sure it isn't close to breaking - Have a ring of wealth equipped (Ensure "Coin looting" is toggled "ON") - Start the script with your intended gear equipped - Start the script with Nose peg or Slayer helmet in your inventory - Have enough teleports in your inventory to sustain yourself. It will NOT grab teleports. Inventory example below: Purchase here Any bugs found can be reported in this discord channel: https://discord.gg/9csKjas Script Review: Proggies: Update log: *Trials will be given at my discretion*
  8. Script is currently in beta, please let me know of any issues you find. Also make sure to grab a trial from my discord bot in my server below before purchasing. Please join my discord if you need any support or would like a trial. https://discord.gg/DGQ4fKA Features How to use You will need the following items: - Coins - Hides of your choice - Optional: Stamina, Super energy, or energy potions Once you have all the supplies, just start the script in Al Kharid. Break System All break times will be in minutes. - Break Frequency - How long to wait before breaking - Break Frequency Variation - Random amount to adjust the frequency. - Break Length - How long to break for. - Break Length Variation - Random amount to adjust the length. Quick Start Hide Type: 0 - Cowhide (Leather), 1 - Cowhide (Hard Leather), 2 - Green dragonhide, 3 - Blue dragonhide, 4 - Red dragonhide, 5 - Black dragonhide Potion Type: 0 - None, 1 - Stamina, 2 - Super energy, 3 - Energy Break Frequency (Minutes) Break Frequency Variation (Minutes) Break Length (Minutes) Break Length Variation (Minutes) Example Usage: -params 3 1 90 30 15 5 SDN Status Active Price: $6.99 Buy Now! Change Log
  9. Any suggestions regarding my coding? This is simple money making method in f2p, dont know the exact rates but used to be 40-60k/hr Download link: http://www.mediafire.com/file/n55u2tx6b558vhs/WoadLeaf.jar Source: package org.dreambot.abysm; import org.dreambot.api.methods.Calculations; import org.dreambot.api.methods.map.Area; import org.dreambot.api.script.AbstractScript; import org.dreambot.api.script.Category; import org.dreambot.api.script.ScriptManifest; import org.dreambot.api.utilities.Timer; import org.dreambot.api.wrappers.interactive.NPC; import java.awt.*; @ScriptManifest(author = "Abysm", category = Category.MONEYMAKING, description = "Buys woad leaf for profit", name = "Abysm's woad leaf", version = 1.0) public class Main extends AbstractScript{ private Area WOAD_AREA = new Area(3031, 3383, 3022, 3375); private Timer timer = new Timer(); private String status; public enum State { BUY, STOP, WALK } private State getState() { if (getInventory().contains("Coins") && WOAD_AREA.contains(getLocalPlayer())) { status = "Buying woad leaves"; return State.BUY; } else if (!WOAD_AREA.contains(getLocalPlayer())) { status = "Walking to the area"; return State.WALK; } status = "Stopping script"; log("No coins in inventory, logging off..."); return State.STOP; } @Override public void onPaint(Graphics g) { g.drawString("Time ran: " + timer.formatTime(), 30, 285); g.drawString("Status: " + status, 30, 310); } @Override public int onLoop() { switch (getState()) { case BUY: NPC woadseller = getNpcs().closest("Wyson the gardener"); if (!getDialogues().inDialogue()) { woadseller.interact("Talk-to"); } else if (getDialogues().inDialogue()) { if (getDialogues().chooseOption("Yes please, I need woad leaves.")) { sleep(200, 300); } else if (getDialogues().chooseOption("How about 20 coins?")) { sleep(200, 300); } else { getDialogues().continueDialogue(); } } break; case STOP: getTabs().logout(); stop(); break; case WALK: getWalking().walk(WOAD_AREA.getRandomTile()); break; } return Calculations.random(500, 900); } }
  10. What's the best money making method (skill, etc.) for a lvl 3 member to bot?
  11. CURRENTLY OUT OF SERVICE. NOTE: READ THIS POST BEFORE ASKING DUMB QUESTIONS Hello! I am opening my proxy shop again after a while. The Proxies These proxies are SOCKS5 proxies which can be used in the Dreambot client for Oldschool Runescape botting. These proxies have unlimited bandwidth and unlimited traffic. Each packet will have proxies located in either USA or Russia. This means if you buy a packet, you can choose, which location you want. It it recommended to choose the country closer to your location. The proxies will only be sold in packets of five (5). This means you cannot buy single proxies at a time, nor can you buy two or three. I only sell quantities of five (5) proxies at a time. This means, of course, that you can buy two individual packets if you need ten proxies, for example. These proxies are in your personal use for the duration of the lease. These proxies are bound to you by IP authentication. This means you can only use proxies from one packet on one IP address. You can only have the packet bound to one IP at a time; the proxies provided in this thread may not be suitable for you if your IP address is changing regularly. ProxyPacket A ProxyPacket contains the following items: A packet of five (5) SOCKS5 proxies. The information below (The Proxies) applies to this section. One free IP change. This means after you purchase a ProxyPacket you can set an IP and change it once during the ProxyPacket's duration for free. Each ProxyPacket is valid for month. This means that the packet of proxies is available for you for 30 days after the purchase. Pricing and payment methods Products: ProxyPacket: 8$ Additional IP change: 2$ Refreshing a ProxyPacket; your five original proxies get changed for five new ones for the rest of the 30 days duration. Only purchasable after 8 days from original purchase: 4$ I will accept the following payment methods: OSRS gold (1$ = 1,2M) PayPal (Trusted users only. An extra fee of 2$ is required from "untrusted" customers) Bitcoin Contact info and order form If you wish to contact me please message me on Skype: chris112.sythe If you wish to order, leave the following order form filled in a response to this thread or to my Skype after contacting me there. ORDER FORM: I would like to buy (a) ProxyPack(s) : (quantity) Location: (USA/Russia) Payment method: (OSRS/PayPal/Bitcoin) Have you contacted me on Skype: (yes/no) The IP address the proxies will be bound to: (check with https://www.iplocation.net/find-ip-address, for example)(only send via skype) I have read through the Terms and Conditions and the sales thread written by the forum user "regicide3342". By typing "yes" after this paragraph I acknowledge that I have understood the information he provided in his post and agree with his Terms and Conditions: (yes/no) Terms and Conditions I am not responsible for any downtime or latency issues with the proxies. I am only a middleman between you (the customer) and the original proxy provider (anonymous). All purchases are final and non-refundable. You as the customer take responsibility for any bans/jagex flags on the proxies. Final words With all of that said I proudly open my proxy shop. Do not hesitate to shoot me a message. Best of luck with botting, regicide3342
  12. I found a quick money making method where you can buy hammers and sell at G.E for a big profit. I don't want the code anymore so here it is http://pastebin.com/xwXD2aKQ Turned 300 gp into 46k Features - Banking - World Hopping - Draws Square Tile On Closest Shop Keeper Problems with script - Attempts to go to any world regardless if your f2p or not or if you don't have total skill level for attempted world (The script will NOT go to High-Risk worlds) Have fun!
  13. Tonka772

    new to this site

    so i just joined dream-bot after being on quite the runescape hiatus for about 9 months, i just started a new fresh acc and haveplayed on it by hand a little and am waiting a few days to start botting, at which time i will purchase VIP, my question is, is if any people here have any suggestions for good scripts on this site either paid or free that are good for combat leveling and money making, i have botted a lot in my runescape career on oldschool and have been quite successful for the most part, so i know a thing or two about safe and effective botting. but tips are aways welcome and i hope you all can give me some good suggestions! and I'm probably going to end up making this account into a pure for some fun pking, idk, we will see. thanks again for any help
  14. Bless My Symbols Bless My Symbols is my first script, which I will be improving upon in the coming days/weeks. What it does: This script basically does the enormously tedious job of running between the Monastery and Edgeville bank to bless your Unblessed symbols. Requirements: Unblessed symbols in your bank 31 Prayer to access the upper floor of the Monastery Features: Runs to the Edgeville bank Banks all other items (Almost?) flawlessly handles the dialogue with Brother Jered To-do list (will be added a.s.a.p): Anti-ban features Informative paint (runtime, symbols blessed, ...) Other stuff? (Feel free to suggest) Download link + Source code: -=Download=- -=Source code=- Feel free to suggest improvements and/or extra features through the thread or by PM'ing me on here. I will try my best to read every post.
  15. Hey! I am selling proxies atm. Here is some detail about them: - The proxies are SOCKS 5 proxies, which are used in the dreambot client. - The proxies will be sold in packages of 5. I cannot sell you individual proxies. - The proxies have a 30 days uptime. After this period they will shut down on their own. - The proxies have 100% uptime and unlimited bandwidth. They are located in the USA. A set of proxies (5) costs 6M OSRS, or 6,5$ paypal. I can accept paypal from trusted users. A trade can be done using a middleman at your expense. Otherwise you will go first. Feel free to contact me here via a pm, or my skype: chris112.sythe Alternatively, you can click this box to add me instantly: **SERVICE CURRENTLY DOWN DUE TO MY LIMITED AMOUNT OF ONLINE TIME; MIGHT RESUME IN THE FUTURE**
  16. Hey! I am selling proxies atm. Here are some details about them: -The proxies are SOCKS 5 proxies, which are used in the dreambot client. -The proxies will be sold in packages of 5. I cannot sell you individual proxies. -The proxies have a 30 day uptime. After this period they will shut down on their own. -The proxies have 100% uptime and unlimited bandwidth. The proxies are located in the USA or Russia, your choice. A set of proxies (5) costs 6M OSRS or 6,5$ paypal. I can accept paypal from trusted users. A trade can be done using a middleman at your expense. Otherwise you will go first. Feel free to contact me here via a pm, or my skype: chris112.sythe Alternatively, you can click this button to add me instantly: **SERVICE CURRENTLY DOWN DUE TO MY LIMITED AMOUNT OF ONLINE TIME; MIGHT RESUME IN THE FUTURE**
  17. Got to hand it to Lily for this amazing bot. when i first heard about it in the "i just picked 110,000 potatoes" thread i thought to my self how good can it be? well i made a video and it is flawless Amazing job lily -------------------------- [media=960x720] [/media] Hope to see more work from you Lily
  18. Edict


    eBlastFurnace If you are VIP and good at testing let me know... Current version: 0.91 Howdy everyone, So I figured that I would write a Blast Furnace script due to the potential the minigame offers in gp and xp per hour. Below is the current progress (in no order; task name - version): Completed Script skeleton - 0.1 Banking - 0.2 Support for non 60 smithing (paying the foreman) - 0.3 Adding ores - 0.4 Collecting bars - 0.5 Performance and stability improvements - 0.6 Paint - 0.6 GUI - 0.7 Randomizing actions and timings - 0.8 Leech mode - 0.81 AntiBan - 0.9 Potion support (energy/super energy, stamina) - 0.91 Working on Cooling smelted bars (if needed) - on hold another model issue Improve the antiban and script actions Not started Operating the pedals (agility) - need the level... Operating the pump (strength) Repairing pipes, cogs and belt (crafting) Refuelling the stove (firemaking) Coal bag support Single player mode Team mode (blast furnace world, maybe bf chat worlds) Support for high/low alchemy while waiting for bars Support for blot enchanting while waiting for bars Bars currently supported Bronze Iron Silver Steel Gold Mithril Adamantite (not tested yet) Runite (not tested yet) Know bugs Clicking widget options when adding ores; sometimes doesn't work (Fixed- 0.5) Not collecting bars from the bar dispenser, unable to interact with the game object (Fixed- 0.7) Current GUI: If you have any suggestions then please let me know.
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