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  • Are you not able to open the client? Make sure you have Java 8 installed
  • Help! My bot doesn't do anything! Enable fresh start in client settings and restart the client
  • How to purchase with PayPal/OSRS gold? You can purchase vouchers from other users
  • Try asking for help in the chatbox
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  1. Seems to be an interesting service for starters. Gl with it. Also, automated farms don't need to be managed that's the whole point of being fully automated
  2. GCE Advanced Level seems to be a low degree compared with a lot of users who are taking college degrees, but gl with the sales either way!
  3. title paying paypal only
  4. Not sure, its a Java process. Either way what port are you using?
  5. Usually when the client doesn't do "anything" means that the client tried to connect to the proxy, and it either wasn't able to, or it connected to the proxy, but then failed to connect to dreambot or to the game. Usually, one way to see this is by going into the task manager, the process will be there but the client won't be "visible". This could be due to few different reasons. Make sure you are authed to use the proxy(either IP auth, or the login credentials are correct), make sure you're using a SOCKS5 port, and that you've put all the information from the proxy correctly.
  6. Not sure if a Script could do that, would probably have to be a client feature. Unless you used a script with different activities already implemented in the code, or you made a program that would interact with a client(as a external bot over the bot).
  7. I think the idea of having a bot account as a "main" account(in which you bot without any other goal in mind besides getting levels and shit) is dead right now. The only way around it would probably be making your own client in a really different way from the ones we have and bot with very well thought scripts/methodologies, in very limited amounts of time. But it wouldn't be that worth it for the most part, as you would have more work doing this than actually playing the game legitimately. Either way, It could be that your IP is flagged if you've made and botted all the five different accounts from the same one, but I think they mostly flag IP's when there's a lot of current bots on the same one. What you can try though that would probably make it last a bit longer is to bot less, and change what you're botting more frequently. Also, buy bonds instead of membership, and taking breaks every 30mins of about 20mins is not very human-like.
  8. If you made a script you think is worth charging people for, then you can easily make a simple script for the SDN, there are a lot of basic/simple scripts that are outdated, so you can make something free and simple that will still have some use. Pretty sure you can't put the paypal email, and also pretty sure you would get 0 donations if you were allowed to lol
  9. A friend of mine did once, he was able to but it wasn't "great". I think the biggest issue is the low capacity those things have. would probably be really laggy and shit.
  10. LYBB

    Count to 50

    int i = 1; while(i<=50){ System.out.println(i); i++; } also, 24.
  11. LYBB

    Gold Selling?

    Honestly, aiming at 50£/week at the start without having any prior experience or a "plan" that would make it work, is kind of unrealistic. I haven't ever done it, but I think I've been around long enough to have an understanding on how it works, anyways a good start would be getting reputation on multiple forums. If you want to sell gold for more than you've bought it you have to buy/sell it at different places, no one is going to give you 1.3 in a forum where somebody else is selling for 1.2. You also have to keep in mind that you're going to need a lot of cash to invest, and it may take a while for it to turn profitable. If you want to make 50£ you will probably need like at least x10 that value in order to buy/sell the gold, and be ready to hold a lot of gold, because it's easier to buy than it is to sell. Mostly at the start, you'll have to be ready to barely get any profit at the beginning in order to get a decent amount of attention/reputation. Beginning is tough, but if you find success it can become really profitable with very low effort. One good way to get cheap gold is to buy it directly from new goldfarmers and whatnot, you will also have to sell it cheaper than the big dogs(very popular sellers, websites and whatnot) also be ready to be available 24/7, when most people want to buy/sell gold they want to do it ASAP, especially the "low-level" farmers who need the return of the gold to set up their farms, or don't want to keep their gold for too long on mules and don't feel like selling their gold for half its value to the big bois. I think the key to reliably getting cheap gold is being available, and getting as many contacts as you can, as far as it goes for selling it, earn trust and be able to be reached as often as possible. So yeah, it ain't that simple. But that's just my 2 cents.
  12. LYBB

    Ban rate?

    DO ITreally dont
  13. LYBB

    Selling 07gp.

    No atm, but wouldnt sell it for that rate either
  14. LYBB

    Selling 07gp.

    not doing that rate atm.
  15. LYBB

    54 accounts banned

    Ye, it's def. better but you'll get banned either way.
  16. LYBB

    54 accounts banned

    It's not about staying alive, its about lasting long enough
  17. LYBB

    Selling 07gp.

    Would sell 30m for 1.2
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