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    1. Ive noticed that Jagex has the ability to detect clients. (Remember when they banned people for playing on OSRS HD clients?) So they somehow know if you're playing on a verified client or not. This fact raises red flags right away so no matter how anti-flagged your scripts are, they already know you're a bot.
    2. Well, u can't auto create accounts anymore because of captcha and making accounts manually takes time and is a bitch.
    3. Botting tutorial island on them gives them a chance of getting banned.
    4. 10k gp per account. 20 accounts minimum. Add me on skype: owner566766 or direct message me if interested. I can make them with the emails/passwords you want. *These accounts do NOT have tutorial island completed*
    5. Liar u didn't fix world hopping
    6. import java.util.Random; import org.dreambot.api.methods.interactive.GameObjects; import org.dreambot.api.methods.map.Area; import org.dreambot.api.methods.map.Tile; import org.dreambot.api.script.AbstractScript; import org.dreambot.api.script.Category; import org.dreambot.api.script.ScriptManifest; @ScriptManifest(author = "Allowkid", category = Category.UTILITY, description = "Best kebabo out there", name = "Kebabo", version = 1) public class Kebabo extends AbstractScript{ enum State {BANK,WALKBANK,BUYING,KEBABWALK,IDLE} Area bankArea = new Area(3272, 3161, 3265, 3273); Area kebabArea = new Area(3277, 3183, 3270, 3179); public State getState(){ if(!bankArea.contains(getLocalPlayer()) && getInventory().isFull() || !getInventory().contains("Coins") && !bankArea.contains(getLocalPlayer())) return State.WALKBANK; if(bankArea.contains(getLocalPlayer()) && getInventory().isFull() || !getInventory().contains("Coins")) return State.BANK; if(!kebabArea.contains(getLocalPlayer()) && getInventory().onlyContains("Coins")) return State.KEBABWALK; if(kebabArea.contains(getLocalPlayer()) && getInventory().contains("Coins") && !getInventory().isFull()) return State.BUYING; return State.IDLE; } public int onLoop() { switch(getState()){ case WALKBANK: log("WALKBANK"); getWalking().walk(new Tile(3270, 3166, 0)); break; case KEBABWALK: log("KEBABWALK"); getWalking().walk(new Tile(3277, 3180, 0)); getGameObjects().closest("Door").interact("Open"); sleep(random(1000, 3000)); getWalking().walk(new Tile(3274, 3180, 0)); break; case BANK: log("BANK"); if (getBank().isOpen()){ sleep(random(1000, 2000)); getBank().depositAllExcept("Coins"); sleep(random(1000, 2000)); getBank().close(); }else{ getGameObjects().closest("Bank booth").interact("Bank"); sleep(random(1000, 2000)); } break; case BUYING: log("BUYING"); if (getDialogues().inDialogue()){ getDialogues().clickContinue(); sleep(300, 600); getDialogues().chooseOption("Yes please."); }else{ getCamera().rotateToEntity(getNpcs().closest("Karim")); getNpcs().closest("Karim").interact("Talk-to"); } break; default: log("Default"); sleep(5000); break; } return random(50, 300); } public static int random(int min, int max) { int n; int mean = (min + max) / 2; int std = (max - mean) / 3; Random r = new Random(); do { double val = r.nextGaussian() * std + mean; n = (int) Math.round(val); } while (n < min || n > max); return n; } }
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