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    1. So I had a question I'm sure the owner @Pandemic can answer this. If I was to stop botting on the one account I have and switch to a alt to start botting on. Say that alt gets banned could my other accounts or main account be at risk of being banned? I don't use proxies or anything not even sure how that stuff works lol. I just want to know that if I work on another account that my other ones won't get banned or caught somehow.
    2. Hi, So I been botting for several months making it to 2000 total level in game and I have just been banned for serious rule breaking. I went to appeal and it actually says Temporarily banned for use of bots. Ban will be lifted in 1 day! So that is actually awesome I was expecting a permanent ban. Why I was banned. So my theory isn't the script because I been running them constantly for a long time I got banned using pandemics rooftops for agility but I don't believe it was his script that caused the ban I'm thinking it was the fact I ran the agility course over 5,000 times with only 2 breaks. Which is not that smart to do. I also believe if you bot in areas and locations that are filled with lots of players it is probably harder to get banned because a lot of players go up to you if you are kind of alone and they will say, "Hey." If you don't respond they say. "Are you botting?" I've caught people doing that few times and just simply paused my bot and said nope. Suggestions: for anyone not wanting to get banned. Try botting in areas where its hard for people to have a 1 on 1 conversation with you. Make sure you take lots of breaks and to not run a account 24\7 with only 2 breaks.
    3. @Nuclear Nezz Hi, Been trying find best way get hold of you this script has been wasting so much money on my account I literally have gotten farther doing fight caves on my own. It gets me to 56 and dies with the best range gear I can get. I have blowpipe run darts i have ranger boots robin hood hat full black d'hide it cant beat it. It cant even get close to jad. Like is there some secret setting or whats going on?
    4. yeah i'm getting pretty pissed off my characters spent 5m now and cant get pass wave 56 shitty as script and I see the owner of script doesn't give a shit to help anyone with problems
    5. yeah idk whats going on I have 75 range and 70 defense and a blowpipe and black dhide. Rune darts for the blowpipe and it makes it to wave 55 with default settings and then dies everytime. I actually made it farther without the script which is weird. Idk what the hell i'm doing wrong but it sure is annoying. Is there a secret setting in the gui I don't know about?
    6. hi i sent you message about this not sure if you would see it but wanted know if you could message me back to help me? I keep having trouble
    7. I was having that problem but I did what zawy said and I made it fixed client only. I still sort of had the problem but what fixed it for me is going to settings in game. Clicking on the zoom option and making sure it was fully zoomed out.
    8. So I got logged out said error connecting to world try a new world. I restarted client and all it does is say connecting to update server. so I restarted my pc and now it works not sure if that was why it wasn't working but its working now this can be deleted.
    9. Date Purchased: 11/16/2023 Script Purchased: Bun AIO Farming by Bunnybun Script Creator (tag them with @): Bunnybun Reason for Refund: It was working most the time kept having bugs and problems since I got it. Now the script won't even run at all.. Everytime I load it up it freezes the entire client and I have to close the client. Tried contacting bunnybun on discord through their channel they have a help channel for scripts but the creator of the script has not used discord in a month! No matter how many messages I made they will not reply back to me their last message was a month ago! So i'm really psised off i basically wasted money on shit ass script. Proof of Issues (required: screenshots, videos, and/or DreamBot logs): I can't take screenshots on my pc for some reason but the client just freezes when you start it. I can't really show proof of that with a screenshot any. Proof of Script Creator Contact (required: screenshots, videos, and/or links to replies): Desired Outcome: Refund (back to payment method or store credit) / Issue Fixed / Script Swap If i could get a script swap for the dreamy nmz script I would rather have that. I don't care to get my money back because I would just use it to buy that script anyway but I'm definitely not purchasing another script from bunnybun
    10. you have the best scripts I love them. Cant wait to try this out later. Going to buy it when my account is ready for it!
    11. well the main thing with speedrunning is just completing the quest fast as possible. But everything you need is given to you when you start the quest. But for example cooks assistant soon as you accept the quest the timer starts and you have to grab the bowl off the counter run to the npc outside and talk then run to chicken coop grab egg. Etc etc.. then the next quest like Vampire slayer when you start it. It may give you like potions or something. So I don't think a normal quest script would help with those because a lot of the quest scripts wants to auto buy things from ge which you cant do with the speedrunning. you don't even have money. If a quest requires items you are given those items. But If you can end platinum time and you do all the really easy quests you get enough points for the recolor of the graceful outfit which gives you the speedrunning quest rogues outfit. Which is really cool to have and kind of show off.
    12. I really want a speed running script! :F

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