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    1. Script is very slow to, like 30% efficent at Ardy knights. Didnt get banned but autoclicking is way faster than this script.
    2. 1. Date purchased, June 6th 2022 2. Script purchased Dreamy AIO Skiller Elite 3. Script Creator (tag them with @): @Zawy 4. Reason for refund: various parts of the script break, as seen pictured at the very start of the game the bot spam clicks on the launcher while having zero fish. 5: Proof of Issues (required: screenshots, videos, and/or DreamBot logs): Order #217741 6. " Hi I just purchased your bot script package today. I tried the free 2 hour trial at tempoross with ok success. I then purchased the package and further tried out different minigames and skilling over the next few hours and I have run into many issues that are breaking the bot and highly increasing the risk of getting banned for usiing the bot. For the following reasons I am requesting you agree to a refund. I have only used the scripts for a day of purchase." 7 Desired Outcome, refund of back to payment method Thank You
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