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    1. This script just keeps on delivering! This 51:26 also profited me about 4m per account! (P2P) This about 2.2m for 45h (F2P)
    2. Hi, I am using a script that has built in muling. The script is "Nano Miner" but I do NOT think something is wrong with the script. I think the fault is somewhere else. Anyways, the issue is that I start the script on my Master, then I start the script on my slaves. Everything works 100% flawlessly. However, if I create a new computer (all same network, firewall OFF, no VPN) and then create more slaves and specify that the master is located on <local_ip_address>, then the new slaves fail to connect to the master! In other words, master + slaves all running on localhost is working GREAT, but if I have a second machine with more slaves and specify the master computer IP-address instead of "localhost", then it fails to connect to master. My english is not too good, so to demonstrate one more time: The computers can PING eachother no problem, but for troubleshootings sake I even turned off firewall on both computers. I have tried 2 different routers. Does anyone know what could be wrong? Right now I am solving this by running 1 master account on each computer, but this feels like a half-assed workaround that I personally want to get rid of ASAP. Kind regards.
    3. Hi, the dialogue handler in the script seems to be broken. When it talks to NPCs when questing it fails and stops. 3:01:44 PM: [SCRIPT] Walking far (2956, 3512, 0) 3:01:47 PM: [SCRIPT] Walking far (2956, 3512, 0) 3:01:50 PM: [SCRIPT] Walking far (2956, 3512, 0) 3:01:53 PM: [SCRIPT] Walking far (2956, 3512, 0) 3:01:56 PM: [SCRIPT] Walking far (2956, 3512, 0) 3:02:00 PM: [SCRIPT] Walking far (2956, 3512, 0) 3:02:01 PM: [SCRIPT] Walking far (2956, 3512, 0) 3:02:04 PM: [SCRIPT] Walking far (2956, 3512, 0) 3:02:13 PM: [SCRIPT] Walking loaded (2956, 3512, 0) 3:02:18 PM: [SCRIPT] 188 Dialogue - continuing from All goblins should wear red armour! 3:02:21 PM: [SCRIPT] done goblin dialogue 3:02:22 PM: [SCRIPT] 1300 Dialogue - option 3 - I'll leave you to it. 3:02:23 PM: [SCRIPT] 188 Dialogue - continuing from 3:02:23 PM: [SCRIPT] 188 Dialogue - continuing from I'll leave you to it. 3:02:24 PM: [SCRIPT] Walking loaded (2956, 3512, 0) 3:02:28 PM: [SCRIPT] 188 Dialogue - continuing from We should wear green armour! 3:02:31 PM: [SCRIPT] done goblin dialogue 3:02:32 PM: [SCRIPT] 1560 Dialogue - option 3 - Do you want me to pick an armour colour for you? 3:02:33 PM: [SCRIPT] 188 Dialogue - continuing from Do you want me to pick an armour colour for you? 3:02:35 PM: [SCRIPT] 1560 Dialogue - option 3 - What about a different colour? 3:02:36 PM: [SCRIPT] 188 Dialogue - continuing from 3:02:36 PM: [SCRIPT] 188 Dialogue - continuing from What about a different colour? 3:02:37 PM: [SCRIPT] Problem with dialogue solver - please report this bug! 3:02:38 PM: [INFO] Stopping script: Master AIO F2P 3:02:38 PM: [INFO] Stopped Master AIO F2P!
    4. Date Purchased: Today, 8th of May 2022 Script Purchased: GDK by Nex: Script Creator (tag them with @): @Nex Reason for Refund: The script does not work, it just stands doing nothing. Other users are having the same problems. Owner has not updated it for a long time. Sorry I should have read reviews first... Proof of Issues (required: screenshots, videos, and/or DreamBot logs): This log shows that it starts but then does nothing, then I stopped it and when stopping it it also malfunctioned somehow. 1:42:27 AM: [SCRIPT] Nex GDK Started! 1:42:27 AM: [INFO] Script set to running! 1:42:30 AM: [INFO] Successfully loaded 239 worlds! 1:42:38 AM: [SCRIPT] Bank item: Green dragonhide (1) 1:42:41 AM: [SCRIPT] Bank item: Dragon bones (1) 1:42:42 AM: [SCRIPT] Bank item: Ensouled dragon head (1) 1:42:42 AM: [SCRIPT] Bank item: Nature rune (1) 1:42:43 AM: [SCRIPT] Bank item: Grimy avantoe (2) 1:42:44 AM: [SCRIPT] Bank item: Grimy kwuarm (3) 1:42:45 AM: [SCRIPT] Bank item: Grimy ranarr weed (2) 1:42:45 AM: [SCRIPT] Bank item: Grimy lantadyme (1) 1:44:22 AM: [INFO] Stopping Nex GDK... 1:44:22 AM: [WARN] SkillTracker may not have been started. See SkillTracker#start for more info. 1:44:23 AM: [INFO] Stopping script: Nex GDK 1:44:45 AM: [SCRIPT] Total Profit: 0 1:44:45 AM: [SCRIPT] Data Send. 1:44:45 AM: [ERROR] The script threw an exception in onExit: java.lang.NullPointerException at ab.onExit(Unknown Source) at org.dreambot.api.script.ScriptManager.lambda$stop$9(ScriptManager.java) at java.lang.Thread.run(Unknown Source) 1:44:45 AM: [INFO] Stopped Nex GDK! Proof of Script Creator Contact (required: screenshots, videos, and/or links to replies): Desired Outcome: Refund (back to payment method or store credit), store credit is fine
    5. Thank you so much! I am looking very much forward to diving deeper into this!
    6. Hi, I am familiar with the Java language but the only thing I've really done is to download already developed RuneScape private server source codes and then played around with that code, like changing text, pasting snippets. But that is pretty much it, and it was 10 or more years ago. Today I work with computers, but it's not related to programming at all. I have tried to get into programming but always gave up. However, I have this dream, this dream of writing my very own script that does exactly what I want it to and then keep adding to that script to make it as good as I could get it, and then share it with you guys and begin working on another script. However it feels like the world of IT is moving so fast. Or, I know it is. What do you experienced scripters and developers say? Could someone totally novice join your world and learn this stuff and create something before botting becomes obsolete or the game dies? I know that the answer is pretty much that only I can determine that, how much work I am willing to put in etc... At least I think that's the answer. I guess what I am asking for is... Do you have an pointers for me? I guess I should start by learning the basics of Java? Do I need to get somewhat advanced in Java before even thinking about scripting for OSRS? Kind regards
    7. Hey again guys, just wanted to let you know that this script is working wonders for me, I am so happy.
    8. I owe you an apology, I do not know why I rushed to advice others to not purchase your script. I received very fast support from you even though I do not have Discord and since correcting my mistakes (not specifying the script to retrieve the food to be eaten + leaving the list of items to loot empty) the bot has worked flawlessly. I am currently using it on two accounts, one uses melee and one ranged. I do not think the script supports ranging, but it still works. I also told the bot to pick up arrows so if I just re-wield them every 10 hours or so it works. I am getting a very good first impression because I have tried it out in difficult scenarios but it still managed to "reset" itself and keep on grinding. However, I did find something that could cause issues if bot is instructed to loot+bury bones. I tried your bot on hobgoblins by the crafting guild and when the bot has banked and is walking back to the hobgoblins, then it will walk near the crafting guild. If a hobgoblin has previously died (if there are bones there) then the bot will get stuck by the crafting guild, adjusting the camera down, trying to rightclick through crafting guild on bones which are too far away to be clicked on. If a player is there killing hobgoblins, then the bot will be stuck until the player leaves/until bones stop appearing. My example with the hobgoblins are true in other cases as well. I am not a developer but I am thinking this could be solved by having the bot first verify if it is close by the bones (or loot) before trying to rightclick on it. I do not know if this is plausible, but I feel like the bot would be perfect as an AIO melee fighter if it just got a bit improved looting system. Thank you for your fast support today and for letting me enjoy your script!
    9. I am sorry but I do not have Discord. Is it please possible to get me up and running without me creating a Discord? I am really doing my best to fill everything in the right way but I can not see what could be wrong.
    10. What is there to fill out in the GUI? Everything works normally except for the banking part. I have instructed Dreamy Fighter to loot anything above 100gp and to bank at Draynor. When the bot has a full inventory, it walks to Draynor, opens bank and then goes AFK.
    11. I bought this script yesterday and I have been babysitting it. Every time it goes to bank, it gets stuck. It opens the bank, but the status-message still says "Opening bank...", and then the bot is stuck until stopped. Edit: I am getting help by the author.
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